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Howdy to the camp- Update on absence


Tuolumne Lawman:

Sorry I have been absent.  The problem is I have started back to work (teaching high school) almost three weeks ago.  My internet access, thanks to the anti-gun adminisdtration, blocks ANY web page that relates to guns or weapon.  It is hard to teach World History and US History-Wars and Foreign Policy when any sites dealing with weapons is blocked!  This includes CAS-L and many cowboy sites.

Probably two reasons, really, though.  The second is IS MISS MY SPENCER!  One of these days I will get another. sniff, sniff!  I guess I'll have to hug my 1860 Henry Military model instead. <g>

Tuolumne Lawman

Two Flints:

Welcome back.  Geeez, I just retired from teaching US History, and discovered that I miss it so much!!!!!   I was always proud of the fact that I could teach a pretty good unit on the Vietnam War from a personal perspective using my own color slides I took there.  The kids seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.  None of the other history teachers  covered the Vietnam War in my town, almost like it never happened!

Two Flints

TF, thank you for your service....
And thanx to both of you....speaking from experience, a good teacher can make a difference.
Unfortunately, they were & are few and far between.
BTW, history was my favorite subject ;D


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