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Need a Romano Spencer Manual

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Two Flints:
Hello SSS,

I've been trying since last November to get a Spencer Manual from the Romano Rifle Company, but they apparently don't want to send me one, even though I paid the requested fee for it.  Does anybody have a manual they will sell me, or copy for me, for a fee?  Just want it as a reference, for questions that may come up here at the Spencer Shooting Society.


Two Flints

There is no such thing.  I bought a rifle and asked for a manual.  Eventually I got a
 page of handwritten notes.  Well sort of.  It wasn't very complete.  Larry makes
beautiful rifles but manuals are beyond him.  I can look for that paperwork if you
 are really interested but you'll be disappointed.

Two Flints:

That's kind of interesting, I did get an Email from Larry Romano telling me that as soon as he got his manuals reprinted he would send me one.  That was a couple of  months ago.  He even cashed my check,  and in the message section, I wrote "Spencer Manual".  But, I have since given up on getting anything from him in the way of a manual.

Two Flints

I'm a bit surprised that he cashed your check.  I've paid him for a lot of things over
 the years and I don't remember him ever cashing a check unless something had
 been shipped.  Still I wouldn't hold my breath on the manual.  Making beautiful
rifles that work well is something he can do.  Writing manuals isn't.  Glad you didn't
 ask me to look for that stuff.  That would have taken a LOT of work.

Two Flints:

The money involved was really minimal, I just didn't like not getting responses to my periodic Emails for like 5-6 months.  If he wasn't planning to send a manual, the correct thing to do was tell me so, right off the bat, and not drag it out as long as he has...courtesy?    Enuff said on this!

Two Flints



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