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Original Spencer prices


What's the collective experience in current asking prices for original Spencers?

Found this and for an 1865, it sounds a bit high.

Two Flints:

I'm looking around for an original Spencer too.  If you go to http://www.Gunsamerica.com or http://www.gunbroker.com  and at the search window just type in Spencer, you'll see quite a few Spencers at each web site with prices that  you can compare.

Two Flints

Arizona Trooper:
Another good place to check is www.antiqueguns.com. They show up in the "Other Lever Actions" and "Ciivil War Carbines and Henrys" sections.

Tuolumne Lawman:
About the cheapest you will find an original is $1500 in auction.  Usually the bores on those are rough.  A nice one can be found for $2200 to $3000.  The S&S block for centerfire is about $150, and works well.  Buffalo Arms has everything yo need to convert and shoot originals.



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