Author Topic: Broke down and bought a AO 1927a1  (Read 409 times)

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Broke down and bought a AO 1927a1
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:15:48 pm »
I found myself a 1970?s West Hurley AO 1927A1. I didn?t think that I wanted one but I found this at 1000.00 I figured it was a good deal. And it?s broken in already. I?ve read too many horror stories of the new Kahr tommyguns on the Machinegun forum. Replaced the factory recoil springs with the lighter ones from McMaster and a buffer I cut from their material. A BIG difference in cycling. It runs my standard .45 acp loads just fine, with the heavier springs it was a little balky with my rnfp bullets but now no problem. I sent my sbr application off to the atf 4 mos ago so I?m hoping it won?t be too much longer. It might loose a little bit of weight when the bbl shrinks to 10.5 in. Thinking of doing the stock sling swivels British style as I?ve got a nice buttstock with a serrated buttplate and double swivels. Just need to inlet a swivel in the vertical fore grip.
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Re: Broke down and bought a AO 1927a1
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OOOH! Dat is nice!  :o :o
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