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Remember the Rules!
« on: May 21, 2015, 06:20:09 pm »
Recently, within the past 24 hours, a member of our forum launched an attack at another member.  He felt that he had been wronged by this other member and tried to take it out against him here in a public forum.  I immediately "locked" the topic, later deleted the offending post, and eventually deleted the topic entirely.   It is unfortunate for the rest of us because they are both active members of our board and have both gone a long way toward keeping our board alive.  One of them will, most likely, never be heard from again.  As for the other, I hope that he stays with us.

As moderator of this forum, I will not  tolerate this kind of behavior.  I don't care how justified you might feel, if you attack another forum member you will be imediately censured.  A public forum is no place to resolve your personal problems.

I have been on this board longer than anyone and have always appreciated the fact that we have been a civil, polite group.  I intent to keep it that way.

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