First Annual I-70 Sunflower Shootout!


From Powder Creek Cowboys: Monticello Township is the Territorial Capitol of Kansas. However there are some cowboys over in Topeka who are pushing to haveTopeka named as the state capitol.  So to settle things in a peaceful way with a gentleman’s agreement, and some shooting expertise, we have decided to have the FIRST ANNUAL I-70 SUNFLOWER SHOOTOUT!

This is a two day, weather permitting, 12 stage event, beginning at the Powder Creek Cowboys range in Lenexa with the second day ending in Topeka with the Capitol City Cowboys hosting.

Shooting begins at the Monticello Township in Lenexa at 10:00 Saturday, November 23. The second day of shooting will be at the Capitol City Cowboys range in Topeka at 10:00 Saturday, November 24.

Scores from both days of shooting will be tallied to see who comes out on top of this event. This means saddling up for both clubs and doing a bit of travel in order to attend both days. The match at Powder Creek will be the usual $10.00 member’s fee while the event in Topeka will be $15.00.

The Topeka cowboys have agreed to provide a very nice lunch of chili with all the trimmings included in the shooting fee on Sunday. You can shoot both days, or either of the two days, of the event, your choice.

This will be a fun no frills event with the emphasis on shooting. We would love to see you come out and back your play for the Powder Creek Cowboys or the Capitol City Cowboys.



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