Dr. Dennis “China Camp” Ming Memorial Service


This from the SASS Wire posted by Jeanie, Prairie Weet* & Jessika, Sweetwater

Please join us in remembering the life and legacy of China Camp on Saturday, August 9th.

Thank you for your postings and thoughtful messages. It’s a comfort to read such kind words about my best friend and husband of 36 years. We were and are a very close family in everything we did including cowboy action shooting. Although he enjoyed all types of shooting, CAS was his favorite. He worked very hard to achieve his EOT titles and loved competing, but (like most of us in SASS) we enjoyed the people, the friendships, and community we had at events. Within minutes after his death our SASS friends enveloped us with their care. Our home has been filled with their presence, love, and expressions of flowers. Dennis had many facets to his life and personality that I would like share. My daughter will be putting up a web site later for those of you who would like to know who he really was. One of the things he loved was giving parties, so we are going to give him a big one! We invite all of you to attend. We will begin with a Memorial Service at our church in Santa Ana (no graveside) and immediately following we journey to the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, the site of Little John’s Gun Auctions. It was one his favorite places to wheel and deal, meet friends, or just drool over the items! A fitting place to sharing stories of his life.

Dr. Dennis “China Camp” Ming Memorial Service:
Saturday, August 9
Trinity United Presbyterian Church
13922 Prospect Avenue
Santa Ana, California 92705
(714) 544-7850

Celebration Luncheon:

The Phoenix Club
1340 S. Sanderson Avenue
Anaheim, California 92806
(714) 563-4166

Donations in China Camp’s name can be made to the SASS Museum Fund:

Please continue to post your comments in the other thread, as we are really finding comfort in reading them every night. We are planning on saving all of your kind words of support and memories.

Thank you all…

Jeanie, Prairie Weet* & Jessika, Sweetwater
* Weet was a nickname Dennis called me… short for Sweetheart


  1. I did not know China Champ as I have never made it to a big shoot. I only knew him through reading about him. I still want to send your family my condolences. May God give you comfort in your loss.

  2. I met China Camp only once at and event for his daughter, Jessika. He recently resurfaced for me while working at Jimmy Kimmel Live. I heard gunfire and cheering from the back of the control room. I walked back to find cowboy action shooting playing on a monitor being watched by the camera crew.

    “I know that man!” I exclaimed as I saw China Camp in action.

    We deal with celebrities all the time at Kimmel and I had my moment of light in their eyes just by my association with China Camp (as fleeting as it was).

  3. Jeanie and Jessika-

    I just recenlty learned about Dennis’ untimely death. My deepest sympathies to each of you. He was a wonderful asset to the Paramedic Program at UCIMC, a true gentleman, friend and colleague. You are in my prayers.


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