Competition Ready Stoeger Coach Gun


HARTLEY, TEXAS – In co-operation with Goatneck Clem Gunsmithing, Long Hunter Shooting Supply is now offering selected models of the Stoeger Coach Gun with the action premium tuned in the U.S.A. by Fred Bursey aka Goatneck Clem.

Long Hunter Shooting Supply is known for providing cowboy action shooters competition ready single action revolvers and lever action rifles. “We are frequently asked about shotguns and are excited about now being able to offer the popular Stoeger Coach guns in the same way as we offer our line of cowboy guns”,  says Jim Finch aka Long Hunter.

Fred Bursey aka Goatneck Clem is a long time competitive and SASS National champion shooter with 38 years of experience in custom action jobs on competition guns. His work on the coach guns are:

  • Recutting Barrel and installing new front Bead
  • Polishing of the Chambers
  • Refitting barrel lugs to receiver
  • Recutting barrel face for easy loading
  • Opening angle of barrel to receiver for faster reloads
  • Refitting top lever and tuning of top lever spring for faster 2 shot strings
  • Readjusting safety for Cowboy Action Shooting
  • Refitting and honing of all internal parts and replacing of springs

This action work is included in the price. As of now, Stoeger Coach Guns are offered in 2 different models.

For more information on the Stoeger Coach Guns, visit Long Hunter Shooting Supply.


Long Hunter Shooting Supply is owned by Jim Finch and his son Brad Finch. Jim aka Long Hunter is a world champion cowboy action shooter, a firearms instructor and a gunsmith. Brad has been with LHSS since 2004 and was put in charge of production and quality control in 2009. Jim and Brad are life members of SASS and committed to customer satisfaction.and operated by Jim Finch aka Long Hunter.  For more information, call 806-365-0093 or visit


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