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Sad, sad news…my good friend Dennis Ming, who as “China Camp” became one of the best cowboy shooters in history and the sport’s first great champion, today suffered a fatal heart attack.

I don’t quite know what to say…he and I shot on the same squad last month in the Wild Bunch match, and in the times between shooting he outlined the fun trips he had planned with his family…so much love and joy there! I said next time I was in California, he and Prairie Weet and Sweetwater and I could all get together for dinner.

Next time…time…

Jeanie and Jessie, my thoughts and prayers are with you today.


  1. Jeanie and Jessie, so sorry for your lose. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Gene and Pat Lemmer
    Glenwood Grizz

  2. I have known dennis as an acquantance for well over 18 years. We used to shoot together in the early days of the coto cowboys. Indirectly he taught me a lot of things especially competing head to head with him at the 93 winter range nationals and at coto de casa. At Winter range,Dennis walked away with 80% of the stage wins and I walked with 20%. Although a great competitor, he was a great teacher,sportsman, and definately father. names like white lightning, tutler, shakey jake, lee, tex,myself(navarone) all used to enjoy trying our best with dennis. I have been into modern combat shooting since about 95 or so and recently (about 3 months ago saw dennis and his wife and daughter shooting at a bay in norco. I wish i would have found time in between the match to go and say hi again to an old friend. By the time the match was over, the family had gone much to my sadness.

    Dennis you will be missed by thoise old and young. In honor of you, I have renewed my sass membership and will again begin shooting with sass as NAVARONE.

    may your spirit find happiness in the lord’s shooting range in the sky.

    Jimmy “NAVARONE” Flores


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