Buried Treasure, The Army’s Last Flintlock & More In GUNS Old West Special Edition


Guns tell stories, and those associated with the Wild West surely have thrilling tales to share. GUNS Magazine Old West: History, Guns & Gear Volume 2 explores the guns of the time, including some unusual samples like the Army’s last flintlock pistol. The Special Edition also shares plenty of stories about ammo, modern reproduction models and the frontier lifestyle — tales and history that give the historical West its mystique.

Often touted as “The Gun That Won The West,” the Winchester 1873 is the archetypal Western lever-action rifle that finally gave “rugged” Americans an accurate, reliable and waterproof gun. So when the opportunity to help a friend — and in the process gain a vintage round-barreled 1873 Winchester lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Winchester Centerfire — was presented to Will Dabbs, MD, he didn’t think twice.

“Classic guns are like history batteries,” he lends. “They store up stories, myths and legends to be shared for generations to come. Hearkening back to a time when the world was simpler, more raw and easier to understand, the 1873 Winchester shaped the modern society with which we are so familiar today.”

Ever wonder about arms of Native Americans? Their weaponry made quite an impression on General Custer. “The arms with which they fought us were of the latest improved patterns of breech-loading repeating rifles, and their supply of metallic rifle cartridges seemed unlimited as they were anything but sparing in their use,” he said. In fact, American Indians were often more suitably armed than the U.S. Army forces, complete with breechloaders and repeaters according to Tom Laemlein’s “Native American Arms: An Unsustainable Fire.”


The Bad Boy .44 Mag. up for grabs in the Special Edition Gun Giveaway is Cimarron Firearm’s modern take on a classic Old West iconic firearm. Built on a Pre-War frame with smooth walnut, Army-style grips and an octagonal barrel, the revolver lives up to its name as a hard-hitting, powerful sidearm. The winner will also receive a Bad Boy 6″ Strong Side Right Holster from Cimarron. The package is valued at $929. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing online at www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaways.

An edition such as this would be incomplete without a fascinating tale of buried treasure. Dr. Will Dabbs shares how a Civil War-era Remington New Army revolver was rediscovered under layers of Mississippi soil. Turnbull Restoration’s stunning craftsmanship is undeniable, and Roy Huntington showcases how the talented team makes Old West guns come alive with a Winchester 1873, Colt SAA and Ruger Vaquero. Jeremy D. Clough digs deeper into the roots of the Western holster, while Wayne Van Zwoll ponders if arrows can trump bullets in “Bow Vs. Colt.”

Print and digital versions of GUNS Magazine Old West: History, Guns & Gear Volume 2 are available for purchase at fmgpubs.com or Amazon.com (print only).


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