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Howdy and welcome to the official home of BOSS. Brotherhood of Schofield Shootist is a society dedicated to the original and reproduction S&W Model #3 type revolvers but all top break revolver discussions are welcome.

The Brotherhood of Schofield Shootist "aka" BOSS was formed in order to have a structured society of original and replica Schofield, S&W Russian, and any other version of the Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolvers.

BOSS was first started on the SASS Wire as an "at large" group of enthusiasts seeking to have a forum dedicated to these unique and interesting revolvers. After our membership began to grow, we asked and were provided our own forum here on the CAS City web site. Our sincere appreciation to Marshal Halloway for setting up this forum.

Membership in BOSS is by request of the perspective member and the only requirement is that you own or shoot one of the revolvers listed above. Badge numbers are assigned in the order that they are received. You do not have to be a BOSS member to join in on any of our discussions.

If you own/shoot an original or replica S&W model 3 (Schofield, Russian, American, New Model #3) and want to become a member, stop by our forum and just state your name and type of revolver you have and I will add you to the list.

Joss House
Moderator - Deputy Marshal Cas City

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