Black Powder Handgun Cartridge Loading Essentials


Bottom Dealin’ Mike has been getting questions on black powder reloading lately, so he thought he would discuss a few things you need to know before you start loading any black powder handgun cartridges.

1. Black Powder lube
2. Bullet designs specifically for black powder cartridges
3. Determining the correct powder charge

Dick Dastardly’s Big Lube Bullets:

The Darksider’s Den on our forum


Mike Beliveau:
Duelist Den on YouTube


  1. Hi Mike – your lube video was very interesting and useful, up to the point where you discuss the loading of powder. I’ve yet to get practical experience shooting black powder (BP), but my understanding is there are different burn rates and pressures for various types of BP (FFg, FFFg, etc.). If all types of BP are acceptable and safe for the antique guns, great. If not, as it appears to me, the wrong type of powder could be dangerous and damaging to an old firearm. Some clarification and cautions regarding the powder used would be appreciated. Thank you for the information, it’s very nice of you to share!


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