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Back in competition – sort of….


Marshal H. is back at the firing line shooting cowboy action. I will not claim that I am back competing on a regular basis, but spending a Sunday at the range with a bunch of new friend was a whole lot of fun.

They had 6 stages lined up and they used a timer, so I guess we can call it a match. The presence of the timer and the go ahead beep, proved that I still like to compete at least against myself. No matter what, I had a blast at a local shooting range where a dozen shooters meet twice a month for some cowboy shooting. One thing is for sure, when time allows, I’ll be back.

I have no idea how it went – I simply forgot to ask. They normally send out the results through mail when they get around to it. I had one miss simply because I got a little too confident on the last stage and tried to speed up a little too much. No matter the level, no matter how good or rusty you are, the balance between speed and accuracy still counts.

This small and private club also reminded me about the joy of teaming up with a handful of shooters on a weekend. No tough schedule, we all helped out setting up the targets and taking them down. The day even started by eating breakfast and ended with a late lunch at the Pizza Hut.

Ron, the guy running this small outfit, is disabled and has my utmost respect. The limitations of being in a wheel chair doesn’t stop him at all. He does the organizing of the activities and also participates in the competition. No matter my own results from this match, I do consider him the winner. The same goes for all the disabled out there joining the shooting sports. So, the next time I feel that I need an excuse for not hitting a target, I will think of Ron and keep my mouth shut.

To Ron and the rest of this outfit – thanks for inviting me for some quality time at the range. I can now add a few more names to my long list of friends in cowboy action shooting.


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