A SASS Ruger Vaquero


cascity-feature2SASS and Ruger join forces to offer SASS members a special edition of the Ruger New Vaquero.

This model has a new, wider and lower “Montado-style” hammer, which has been allowed on adjustable sighted guns like the Ruger “Blackhawk”. This hammer is now legal on all fixed sighted revolvers.

The SASS model will be offered in Ruger’s Gloss Stainless finish, .357 caliber, and a 4- 5/8 inch barrel and will be marked with a special series of serial numbers beginning with “SASS” in the serial number.

The grip will be black hard rubber grips, and they will come with full color SASS logo buttons. This really gives the gun a very distinctive look and will be unmistakable on the range. The gun will be packaged in a special double box and sold as a consecutive serial numbered set. The Ruger/SASS Vaquero will be available in July, depending upon production, and will be available at your local Ruger dealer and through the SASS Mercantile.


  1. After waiting all these years to buy New Vaqueros in stainless since the only guns available when I started were Blackhawks, this happens. Just a couple more months and I could have gotten SASS Vaqueros. Curses!

  2. I already have a pair of consecutively numbered NMV’s with Montado hammers, (mine are .45’s)Can I just buy two sets of the SASS grips 🙂

  3. When Ruger starts the production of the SASS guns, I would think the grips can be purchased from the Ruger Store. One of the questions we need to ask when we get that far.

  4. I’m still trying ta figure out how ta do a Fast Reload with any Ruger Single Action.
    Other than that I hope a Dealer may have Layaway because I’ll be wantin a Pair.

    “One Riot! One Range!r”
    Col. Devil Jack

  5. In 1996 I purchased a Ruger Vaquero in stainless steel with wooden grips. I fired all of about 25 rounds(45 Long Colt) through the weapon and handcrafted a western style black leather holster, all black suede lined and hand saddled stitched with nickle accents and bullet loops on the belt. I understand that the Vaquers sell for about $650 in excellent condition and the holster is worth at least twice what you would pay for a Kirpatrick holster(about $400) and their holsters could not even hold a candle to the rig I made for the Vaquero. I’ve lost interest in this weapon so if someone is looking for an excellent Stainless Steel Vaquero with a beautiful holster don’t hesitate to call me. 978-535-0519

  6. Does this mean, some company can make hammers that will fit GWII and it will be legal to install them for SASS CAS events? Or put them in Colts, AWAs or any other make of pistola?


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