gafPosted by Shamrock : The day started a bit cloudy and cool, but ended sunny and warm. Fourteen troopers were present for the first Illinois State Muster held at the Good Guys Posse Dry Gulch Ranch Range in Winnebago, IL. Last Cigar and Sierra Hombre presented the colors and lead the formation in the pledge of allegiance. Last Cigar, our resident historian, gave a brief overview of Illinois role in the Civil war. Last Cigar also brought the colors, two 34 star American flags and the regimental colors of the 31st Illinois Infantry. He had several ancestors who fought with the regiment. T.K. Sackett brought his period cannon for display. We shot five stages that followed the theme of “Gen. U.S. Grant Fought Here”, with emphasis placed on the Illinois Regiments place in history. The first four stages honored four Illinois troopers who were awarded the Medal of Honor, the fifth stage honored the leadership of General U.S. Grant.

Staff Officer
1. Last Cigar

Milspec Repeater
1. Dusty Tagalon

Milspec Single Shot
1. Big Grit
2. Farmer John
3. Gus
4. Shamrock
5.Pawnee Bill

1. Charles Goodnight
2. Jeweler Jim — Clean Match
3. T.K. Sackett
4. Trail Boss Toad
5. Sierra Hombre
6. Sicilian Kid
7. Brian Kent

Special thanks to Jeweler Jim (Territorial Governor for GGP) for helping me run my first match, JJ you made it a lot easier for this newbie.  Shamrock’s Kid #2 (my daughter Tiffany) for registration and lunch duty. Dangerous Denny (President of GGP and resident photographer) for the photos. The photos are posted at goodguysposse.org
Bvt. Lt. Col. Pat “Shamrock” Gannon
Commander, Division of Illinois
GAF #448
GGP #41

More on this report here.


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