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Welcome to Cas City, founded in and the first website to promote Cowboy & Western Action Shooting worldwide on the Internet. The purpose of this border town is to be a friendly service junction for C&WA shooters, clubs, organizations and suppliers. This guide will help you find answers to the question:

What to do in Cas City?

If you are a newcomer to our sport or planning to join, look up our Get Started Guide. This is a good starting point with links to some good articles, organizations and affiliated clubs.
Forum Hall
If you like to meet fellow shooters, we advise you to drop by our Forum Hall, our online forum. To be able to communicate, you need to register as a member, we call it a citizen of course.... You do that easily by following the instructions in Forum Hall.
In Forum Hall, you can also chat live.

The CAS-list
CAS-L is an offline forum through email and is the oldest forum on the Internet for our sport, established back in 1995. How to subscribe, can be found here.

Citizens of Cas City - the profile section
Read the profiles of fellow shooters, about their chosen character (alias), guns and gear. If you want to have to your own profile in town, feel free to write and upload it with pictures included.

The Marshal's Office
Lost in town or if you have any questions, Marshal H. is the one to see.


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