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Stoney Pete
Location: * West Bridgewater * Massachusetts *
* United States of America *
Age: 35
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Clubs: Mansfield Fish and Game

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My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
I was born Peter Allen Dearing on March 2, 1847. To those in VA the name Dearing may ring a bell. I am the little brother of Brigadier Gen. James Dearing. He became famous when at the battle of Plymouth NC, he ordered the first charge of artillery ever in the annals of warfare. That is how he received the rank of Gen. He was mortally wounded April 7, 1865 and succumbed to his wounds on April 23, 1865 just days after Lee's surrender.

I never fought in that war. I was 14 when hostilities started and by the time I was old enough, the war was all but lost and James insisted I stay home with my folks. I loved my brother so I did as I was told.

James is partly responcible for the name I now carry. We were studying the Bible, one night before the war. Pa was reading where Jesus, talking to Peter said, "Upon this rock I will build my church...". Pa explained that Peter in Greek means "rock or small stone". From that time on James started calling me Stoney.

After his death and the death of my parents, I left Virginia. The War was over and God, in his wisdom that I've yet to understand, let the North win. I accepted this and was ready to move on. Others weren't so ready and many times I had to defend myself because of who I was. One night Peter Allen Dearing, brother of James road into town yet it was Stoney Pete that checked into the hotel.

I was good with the iron and my upbringing kept me on the right side of the law. So naturally I spent the next several years wandering the west working as a lawman.

I've no ill feelings toward Yankees and any of the Northern people. However I still have no use for government so I move as soon as a town gets too big and my job gets political.

Someday I hope to return to VA and start up the family farm again.
My current guns & gear:
Two Colt(Cimmaron)SAA in .44-40.
Winchester (Uberti)'73 Short Rifle .44-40.
Colt (TTN) 1878 coachgun 12 ga.
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