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Marshal'ette Halloway
Location: * Howard * Kansas *
* United States of America *
Age: 53
Real life Occupation: Massage therapist
Clubs: Barbary Coast Vigilance Committee (BCVC #26).
Organizations: SASS #56534

Recent News About Me:

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
Well, I should let my bossy husband, the Marshal tell it ...since I didn't even get one little bit of say in my alias. **lookin' kind a grumbly**
Ya see? I hadn't even met in person , this man from Norway yet, and even though I had my suspicions , but nothin' had actually been talked about yet.. He took it upon himself to decide that he was going to marry me !!! So he figured that if he was the Marshal..then I could be the Marshal'ette..and if I 'kind of got' Marshal'ette Halloway in the mail from the SASS office as a surprise.,Then, when we married......well, you get the picture..
Only thing is.. I got the badge.. I had the name... but he hadn't ask me yet!
But I guess him being the Marshal and all.. he was used to having his way without too many problems. And I DID marry him.. but ................................
**smiling slyly** Ask him how much water that Marshal H. "getting his own way" bucket holds now. **winking**
On a more serious note... my old west character has yet to be told.. simply because I haven't made one up yet. I tend to lean in a direction of who I really am in real life to who my character is. My being in connection with Mother Earth, the gifts of healing,and the spirituality of the Native Americans, plus a combination of an outspoken Calamity Jane type.. a lover and rider of horses..and a hard worker not afraid to stand up and look a bear in the eye..or draw down a bead on him, if I hafta'.
My current guns & gear:
I haven't had the fun of starting yet to participate in the sport of cowboy action shooting. I have fished and hunted most all of my life, so all of my personal guns and gear are not the kind that are allowed in CAS. And the only competition I have ever had to compete in is, if I could bring in more squirrels, get my limit of doves or quail, or bring back to town a bigger buck than one of the men in my family. And lots of times, I did just that too..**grinning**
So until I get started in CAS and get my own guns, I will use some of my husbands arsenal. And hope that they won't be dragging out a sun dial to time my speed of shooting.**rolling my eyes and laughing**.
Other information I would like to share:
Having lived all my life here in Howard, Ks. I guess I would say I am just a straight up honest, redneck country cowgirl, and I do use that term with pride. I am a mother of 2 boys , now men, ages 27 and 33, have 2 beautiful daughter in laws and a 4 yr. old grandaughter, that has my heart wrapped around hers a dozen times. I homestead and cook the old fashioned way and love making my house a place where you can drop in, take off your boots, grab a cup of coffee, and a piece of pie and make yourselves at home. I was raised with a gun and fishing pole in my hands, and to me there isn't better accommodations for the night than a campfire and a river and the view that you get from sleeping out in your bed roll with the stars and moon watching over you. I love to country dance, water ski and snow ski and have done some ranch and cattle work sittin' on the back of my horse.... but just plain ole' pasture pleasure riding is my real love.
I would just as soon put the tailgate down and have a cold beer with you and talk the night away , than to being in the city. For the past 6 years, I have made a living being a massage therapist, mostly working on people, but dabbling some in the equine industry also..
And of course, now being married to Marshal H., I can't avoid being in the middle of promoting CAS and helping get our plans for Halloway's Mercantile and other marketing adventures that's ahead for this year of 2005, off the ground and up and running. Again, I hope to meet some of you out there on our trips to different shoots next year.
If you are interested in my work as a massage therapist, look up my webpage
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