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Silent Joe
Location: * Amsterdam * *
* Netherlands *
Age: 65
Real life Occupation: Retired Chief Inspector by the Public Transport Cie. of Amsterdam
Clubs: Local club: Qua Libra.
Organizations: Lifemember of SASS # 10461
Member of DWSA (Dutch Western Shooting Association) # 120

Recent News About Me:

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
Joe Shawn (Joe Silent) is an ordinary cowboy, who fight for justice. He always
helping the people against the bad guys. He is a Lone Wolf. His only pard
is his horse, who have safed his life many times by his speed.
I've read about Joe Silent when I was young, but I never forgot him. Only a little change for the name.
Silent Joe sounds better to me.
My current guns & gear:
I like my Uberti Lever-action Golden Boy
cal. .38 Sp., my Colt SAA cal. .45 barrel 7 1/2 and my Sig Sauer Western Marshal cal. 357 MAG.
For fun I have a Colt SA cal. .22.
Beside that I have a Bowie Knife from CaseXX and a hunting knife with a bear on the top of the grip.
Other information I would like to share:
My Wife (Elisabeth or Lady Lis) like to go with me to a Western Funshoot. Sometimes she dressed-up like a Cowgirl and sometimes like a Native Woman.
Now I'm a CSA General and She is the General's Wife.

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