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Location: * Greensboro * North Carolina *
* United States of America *
Age: 33
Real life Occupation:
RATS #164
SASS # 73824

Recent News About Me:
The strange little feller in the third picture follered me home one day. He said he was the brains of the outfit and demanded that I put up a picture of him.

He was armed, so there it is.

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
I chose Trinity for my CAS City alias a few years ago because I needed an alias in order to post on the board, and because Trinity is one of my favorite movie characters. Now folks have gotten to know me under this name so I have to keep it. Sadly,there is already a SASS registered Trinity, so the name "Chicory Kid" was chosen for me. ... It's much better than some of the alternatives that were mentioned. ;D

My online persona, however, is not exactly that of the movie character Trinity. I have adopted some of his attributes and made up the rest. Basically I find the movie character's extreme laziness funny and thus have assumed that attribute along with his irrepressible hunger.

My own invention is his deep "backwoods/mountain" accent, simple ways and unquenchable thirst for alcohol. I also "stupified" him a little bit... but just a little.
My current guns & gear:
My entire setup has been put together as a real cowboy would have. Whenever I had the money free from alcohol or gambling and wasn't on the trail, I would buy what was needed. Matched set? What's that?

I bought my first revolver used just because I have always liked cowboy guns and wanted one. When I found out about CAS through a web search to find the manufacturer, I knew right away that this was something for me. ...Then I found out that I needed to have more toys.

.357 EMF Hartford - Nickel 5
.357 EMF Hartford - Blue 7
.357 Beretta Stampede Sheriff - Blue 3
.45 Liberty Firearms - Blue 5

Black Powder:
.44 DANCE & BROTHERS '62 - Confederate Dragoon copy out of Texas
.44 Remington '58

.357 Rossi '92 - Stainless
.38 Uberti '66 - Blue

12ga Stoeger - Blue

-Left handed "Duke" w/ cross draw
-Cheyenne rig with two straight drop holsters
both from Reddog Leather out of Jamestown, KY
Other information I would like to share:

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