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Location: * Matoaca * Virginia *
* United States of America *
Age: 58
Real life Occupation: Retired
Clubs: Dusty Trail Posse
Blue Ridge Regulators
Old Hickory Regulators
Pungo Posse
Organizations: WASA #3
SASS #5756 Life

Recent News About Me:
Now shooting Frontier Cartridge

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
How I picked it: Tensleep Mooney is a character from Louis L'Amour in a couple of books and short stories; I admired his qualities.

Character: Born in 1846 on a side hill farm in north central Tennessee. My father had been west and come back to marry Ma and settle and raise crops and young'uns and I was there before they could think it over good.

Pa felt th' urge ag'in, headed out to find us a place on th' eastern slope of th' Rockies in '59. Now Pa had taught me all he knowed 'bout shootin' and Ah took to it like a colt to mare's milk an' soon was bringin' home game to help feed us. Ma taught me readin' and such and Ah could do sums purty good. While Pa was gone Ma and me took care of each other and the farm until '62 when a couple of Rebs came by and "requisitioned" our cow, hogs, and chickens, and when Ma objected, they knocked her down and she hit her head, I killed the Rebs and Ma died in my arms.

With nothing left at home, I took the guns that Pa had left with Ma and I went across Kentucky and joined the First Ohio. Pa always said "Don't tear down what our ancestors built." When them fellers saw how I could shoot that old rifle, well they made me a sharpshooter.

After the war, I went west with the Army and fought Indians, then became a scout when my enlistment was up. I quit the Army altogether when I saw how the Government didn't keep it's word to the natives. Drifted on out to Wyoming and Montana territory where I picked up my handle, has to do with the distance between Indian camps, been called Tensleep eversince on account of liking to ride alone in desolate country.

Worked on several ranches as waddie, wolfer, and round-up hand and was foreman at one time. Got into a shootin' scrape with some rustlers and after the dust cleared, they was dead or wounded and the boss' herd was safe. Well, fellers started comin' round to try me when they thought that I was a "bad man" (as in "bad man to fool with"), and I didn't want no trouble for the boss, so I drifted. Rode down the backbone of the country, through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, over into Utah and Nevada, then back to Texas.

While I was in Tascosa, got asked to do a little Rangering in the panhandle. After about five years rode into a little town in New Mexico on the trail of a outlaw and met up with a lady that ran a stage station and needed a hand to run the place. The outlaw died and I stayed on to help Miz Annie Laurie run station. Maybe I will be invited to move inside the station some day.

Research: Anything written about the west, fiction or non-fiction Growing up in the west, and now traveling in the west.
My current guns & gear:
Ruger Bisleys in both 38/357 and 45
Uberti Bisleys in 38/357
Hartford Armory 1875 Remingtons in 45
1873 Uberti Sporting Rifle in 38/357
1866 Uberti Rifle in 45
Hammered double
1897 Winchester 12 bore
NEF Handi Rifle in 45.70
Other information I would like to share:
Leather Chaps and Chinks by Casey Jeffers, Cimmeron NM

Clothes : Jeans by Wrangler in any color, Wah and COWS period clothes, home made wild rags.

Tony Llama Boots any kind of hat, the older the better.

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