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Sgt John Chapman
Location: * North Platte * Nebraska *
* United States of America *
Age: 38
Homepage: None Yet
Real life Occupation: Electrician for Union Pacific R.R.
Clubs: Freelance Shootist
Organizations: Society of Remington Revolver Shooters
~~Grand Army of the Frontier #143~~
RATS #165

Recent News About Me:
March 12, 2007 It's been a hard winter I'm told by friends to start looking for a pair of Ruger Bobcats For Molly,.....She likes to watch me clean and work on guns and for 2 years 7 months seems to have some real good mechanical questions,....(for a 2 year old).....

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
My alias was chosen from family history and my prior military service,.....John Chapman,..otherwise known as Johnny Appleseed
was a real man and is relation on my Fathers side of the family. The Sgt part was added for my Cavalry persona from having been and E-5 in the Navy Gunner's Mate Guns Second Class to be exact(GMG2}.
My current guns & gear:
My Wheelguns are a mixture of 5.5" Ruger Vaqueros,...1858 Remingtons,....A S&W Schofield, and a 3rd Model Military Dragoon,...........
My Leverguns are an Uberti 1873 Winchester Sporting Rifle w/30" barrel, and a Military Henry,......
The Street Howitzers consist of a 1897 Winchester Riot Gun and a TTN 1878 Coach Gun......
Gear wise I try to use the equipment and gear of the Horse Soldiers on the Frontier dating between 1860-1880,......Most of which I make myself,.........I do also wear a more Cowboy oriented colthes on occasion, as seen in the profile picture.
Other information I would like to share:
I make Ammunititon Crates and such to sell to support my Habit(CAS),........For now you can contact me by E-Mail for info, ..........(I will post again when it warms up a bit Here and/or on The Open Range),........

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