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Lucky Irish Tom
Location: * Norfolk * Virginia *
* United States of America *
Age: 56
Real life Occupation: Programmer
Clubs: Dusty Trail Posse
Pungo Posse
Organizations: SASS 40271
WASA 652

Recent News About Me:
Shot my first match in Frontiersman Category! Had a ball!

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
My real name is Tom Adams. My alias grew out the fact that my Great Grandfather came over from Ireland. I decided that my character would be an Irishman who had worked his way out West starting with working with the railroad. When his family is killed he takes off on his own, to get revenge for their deaths. He spends many years working different jobs as he criss crosses the West hunting down all the members of the gang. During this time he has been on both sides of the law, worked as a freight driver, snake oil salesman, and occassionally as a gambler. Once he finds the final members of the gang he finally settles into running a modest Freight business. My character continues to evolve as time goes on.
My current guns & gear:
Pair of Ruger Bisley Vaqueros .45LC 5 1/2 inch barrels in Stainless. The grips were done by Russ N Hound.
Uberti 66 Carbine also in .45LC, a Rossi 92 Stainless in .45LC as backup.
My shotgun is a hammered SXS by Jing from China.
Also have a pair of Pietta 1858 Remington BP revolvers that have Kirst Konverters in them.
My leather was custom made by Badwater Bill.
Hatband in picture 1 designed by Patches McDuff
Other information I would like to share:

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