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Lou Graham
Location: * Terryville * Connecticut *
* United States of America *
Real life Occupation: Aerospace
Clubs: CT. Valley Bushwacker #75
Congress of Rough Riders of CT. (secretary)
Organizations: NRA, SASS, GAF, SBSS

Recent News About Me:

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
Lou(ise) Graham was a real person from Seattle, where I was born and spent most of my life. In spite of her unsavory occupation, she was a woman of integrity, compassion and had a good head for business and the respect of the town fathers in Seattle's early days. Some folks kept their money in Lou's safe, rather than in the bank. She also loaned money to people the bank turned down so they could rebuild after the great Seattle fire. I'm not able to pull off the "Fancy Lady" thing, I would rather dress for the terrain, weather or the event -- like Wild Bunch (see shotgun picture).
My current guns & gear:
My Blackpowder set up: Hartford Armory 1875's with 7 1/2 in barrels in .38, Marlin 1894 in .45 or .38, and Francis, my 100 year old Damascus barreled mule ear double in 16 ga. backed up by Sister, my newest old shotgun addition to the collection of 16 ga. in the gun case. Custom leather from El Paso Saddlery.
Wild Bunch set up: A real Colt 1911, USFA China Camp in .45, Marlin pump shotgun in 16 ga. and my main stage .45 rifle 'cause it's sissy to shoot Wild Bunch in .38!!
Other guns: Trapdoor Cadet, Sharps 4 barrel Derringer and my 30-30 Marlin which is not a BP gun, but it is too good a shooter and has too much patina and character to part with it.
Other information I would like to share:
The fellers in SASS are wonderful, but I really enjoy having other ladies to shoot with. The bottom picture is me with some of my local pardettes. Great ladies I'm proud to have as friends.

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