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Leo Tanner
Location: * Grass Valley * California *
* United States of America *
Age: 36
Real life Occupation: construction troubleshooter
Clubs: RATS ifn that counts
Organizations: very disorganized at the moment

Recent News About Me:
Haven't read the paper yet today

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
This here's the story of Leo Tanner and a fine specimin of a woman named Lily Lockwood.
Leo was a young man from Kansas who joined up with the Union army when things looked to be getting close to home durring the war. His company marched on south-eastward, fighting all the way. Then the time came when the boys were called to fit the battle of Shilo. This is where Leo learned that what happens after the fight can be worse than the horrors during, victory or not.
The men marched on, eventualy coming upon what was to be a huge battle--Chickamaugua. Leo's troop was over run and he ended up with a lead ball burried deep in his left hip. Laying belly down in the mud among the dead and dying with his service pistol gripped tightly in his hand, he could only think of what would happen if and when he was brought to an aid station. He'd aready seen too many men hacked up in an effort to save them.
Then, behind him he heard mounted soldier approach. From what the man was barking out across the field, he could tell it was a Reb officer surveying his conquest. Leo mustered up all his might and quickly rolled over and fired. It was the last moment of the Grey LT's life on this earth.
Leo knew the situation was bad and thought quick. He threw himself across the back of that Roan and rode like all hell as far as he could, holing up where ever he could and eating whatever he got his hands on. He eventualy made to a town with some familiar faces. His pards new he was facing desertion charges and holed him up in the local hotel. They new he needed much help but didn't want to alert anyone of his whereabouts, so they all ponied up and hired a saloon girl that seemed fit for the job of nursin' Leo back to health. Her name was Lily Lockwood.
Lil was raised on a plantation in an area that is now known as Savana Georgia. Her father had been long dead, her bothers off to fight and then her Ma took ill and passed, leaving sweet Lil alone in a world that was doomed to destruction. She knew there was only one thing to do--take whatever measures necessary to get herself out west. Well, fate stepped in and that's how she came to be the girl chosen for Leo.
One mornin as Leo was just startin to feel like himself again, he heard gunfire oustside his hotel room. He looked around for Lil and saw she was gone. He ran to the window and saw Miss Lily with his sixgun, shootin' bottles in the alley below and grinnin' and laughin' in one of her fancy dresses. By the time the fifth round hit the last target ole Leo was in love, hook line and sinker.
Now I could go on to tell you what really happened after all this, but it is rather unpleasant and involves a rope. I like to think that the two settled in together somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico and lived long prosperous lives. Leo was quick in many ways, and for all we know that might of been some other poor fool that got his neck stretched...
Of course there's more stories, but I'll save 'em for another day.
My current guns & gear:
Old Model Vaquero chambered in .357 Mag, Marlin 336 in .30-30, Winchester Model 60 A in .22 short or LR. Kid has a Ruger 10/22 autofeed but haven't never layed my hands on it--not plannin to. Not much, but enough to suit me for the time bein'.
Other information I would like to share:
Umm, let's see. Oh yeah, white wine with fish and red with beef--I think that's how it goes. And then there's the thing about not using a .22 cartrige to replace a blown fuse in the truck, especially if the box is under the dash.

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