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Steel Horse Bailey
Location: * Indianapolis * Indiana *
* United States of America *
Age: 58
Real life Occupation: Medically Retired Wanna-be Cowboy
Clubs: Great Lakes Freight and Mining Company, Scarlet Mask Vigilance Society (Safety/Range Officer)
Organizations: NCOWS "for Life", SASS Life, NRA Life, GAF, +WARTHOG Extraordinaire+, ***** ~ Soot Lord ~ ***** SBSS

Recent News About Me:
*** Christmas Time, 2009 ***
Well, it's been a year to remember! I had to miss the 2009 NCOWS National Shoot due to a stay in the horse-pistol. (VA Hospital) These hosp. "visits" turned into 4, with the last one having part of my R kidney removed, courtesy of Renal Cancer.

I was able to attend the NCOWS Eastern Regional in Oct., and in Nov. - right before my surgery, had the extreme pleasure of visiting Texas to shoot at the inaugural SW Texas NCOWS Regional, hosted by the Texas Ten Horns group, a new NCOWS posse. (I managed to sneak away with a 3rd place finish shooting Pistoleer class, which uses 2 C&B pistols, a pistol-caliber rifle of 1873 make (or earlier) and a hammered shotgun.)
*** June, 2008 ***
The 2008 NCOWS National Shoot is now history! We had a great time, in spite of the rain and flooding just north of Evansville. My good pard, Dave "Jed Cooper" Hollandsworth and I placed 1st & 2nd in the Pistoleer class. SOMEDAY I hope to beat him!
*** early 2008 ***
I have been promoted within the GAF - Grand Army of the Frontier, to Bvt. Lt. Col., Commander, Central District; Dept. of the Atlantic. It is a great honor.
*** 23 Sep. 2007, Sunday ***
We have started a new NCOWS Club called the Scarlet Mask Vigilance Society. We had our inaugural shoot the 22nd of Sep. 2007. Our new club is doing things a bit differently and the scenarios are (for now) more hunting related. We also have a woods walk that simulates a hunting expedition through the woods, and later, a long range Big Bore shoot with targets (for now) out to only 350 yards. We'll be lengthening the range in the future to make it truly long range.
*** June, 2007 ***
I was fortunate to attend the 2007 NCOWS National Shoot held at Hooten Old Town, Kentucky. I had a GREAT time! Many thanks to the Johnson Co. Rangers for hosting the event. If you haven't been to Hooten, it's a WONDERFUL place to shoot!
*** 17 Oct. 2006, Tuesday ***
I recently returned from the 2006 NCOWS Eastern Regional, held at Modoc, Indiana, the 14th & 15th of October, 2006, held by my Club; the Great Lakes Freight & Mining Company. (Talk 'bout a run-on sentence!) I somehow managed to score 1st place in the BP Duelist catagory. I'm constantly trying to improve my gear to be as authentic as possible so I'll be able to shoot in the "Originals" category. It has high standards of authenticity, and is now a new NCOWS class. It WILL be fun!

Due to factory foul-ups, I've had to do extensive modifications to my C&B NMA Remington. The biggest modification was cutting the barrel to 6" (and a skosh") to get rid of the bad section that came from Italy. The gun had many goofs, but it did shoot well; at least the 2 times I was able to shoot it before it self-destructed!

(2005) I recently gave my 1866 (Uberti) Winchester a complete going-over. Among other things, I gave it a smooth-up, and resurrected the VERY nice walnut that was hiding under the well done, but not authentic red stain and polyurethane finish. I stained it a nice walnut color and just finished with the second coat of Tung oil. I also polished all the "brass" and it looks pretty new again. Not bad for a 5 year old shooter. (2006 Update) It ain't so pretty now, thanks to the BP rounds I shoot but it shoots great! (2009 Update) It now looks perfect! Lots of patina, BP stains, cartridge dings, and ... character

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
I, Steel Horse Bailey, am a retired Cavalry First Sergeant. I was born in Lafayette, Indiana and was working as a horse trader with my family, but in 1860 I joined the Army as an Artilleryman. I mustered out in 1861 and immediately joined the Indiana State Militia in the Artillery Branch; the 16th Independent Indiana Battery of Light (Mounted) Artillery which was formed in Lafayette. After the War was over in 1865, I transferred to the Cavalry and stayed there until I mustered out in 1885. I spent much of the Indian Wars time in the 4th Cavalry. After retirement, I started working as a Special Ranger for the Texas & SW Cattle Raisers Association and later ridin' shotgun for the Stage lines and doin' a few other jobs.

I based my persona on myself, as I'm an ex Cavalry Staff Sergeant. Since the modern Cav. no longer uses horses, we called our tanks "Steel Horses." I was the Platoon Sergeant of the first platoon of tanks - M1A1 "Heavies" - into Iraq during the first Gulf War. I had spent nearly 8 years as a Tank Master Gunner in the 11th Cavalry, where I was given the nickname "Steel Horse Bailey" and then was re-assigned as the Squadron Tank Master Gunner and Platoon Sergeant as well as the job of "acting" Platoon Leader (usually the job of a Lieutenant) in A (Alpha) Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th United States Armored Cavalry, part of the 1st Infantry Division, "The Big Red One." ("If ya gotta be one, be a Big Red One!)
My current guns & gear:
For NCOWS I try to shoot nothing but Black Powder. I have an AWA Longhorn (used with smokey-less powder AND mostly BP) and an 1875 Remington by Uberti. All my pistol cartridge guns shoot 250 gr. BigLube(tm) boolits launched by a FULL case of 3f GOEX. I recently traded for a 2nd Gen. Colt, 1st Model 1848 Dragoon. I have an 1860 Army Colt (44 cal.) from Iver Johnson and made by Uberti, an 1858 New Model Army Remington (44 cal., made by Pietta), and a 36 cal. "mutt gun" (a made-from-mis-matched parts) revolver which most closely resembles a Confederate Leech & Rigdon pistol and is a tack-driver. (IF I do MY part.) For Pocket Pistol I have an original 1883 (era) Iver Johnson in 38 S&W. I use a 12 ga. Tula hammered Coach Gun with all-brass BP shells. My rifle is an 1866 (Uberti) Winchester and for Long Range I have a Taylor's 1874 Sharps in 45-70.

For SASS I often shoot my Factory Custom Ruger Vaquero Sheriff's Model that has been further customized by me with a Qualite' Birdhead grip. I also sometimes use my 1892 Winchester by Rossi and a really sweet Stevens 311 in 20 ga.
Other information I would like to share:
THE CLUBS: Scarlet Mask Vigilance Society
Great Lakes Freight and Mining Company


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