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Howdy Doody
Location: * Bakersfield * California *
* United States of America *
Age: 64
Real life Occupation: service dept foreman at truck dealership (Freightliner)
Clubs: 5 Dogs Creek, Deadwood Boys (W3G), The Cowboys
Organizations: SASS, W3G

Recent News About Me:
Looking forward to some fun matches this year. I'll make Ambush at Mill Creek, W3G World Cup, John Wayne, GFBJL, Legends of the West. I may be able to squeeze a couple more in too.

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
Howdy Doody, wooden headed puppet was actually the first cowboy I remember seeing back in 1949 when the Howdy Doody show was on the newfangled television box in the living room and the test pattern that ran most of the day, since there weern't that many shows, featured in the middle of the test pattern Howdy Doody. All wanabee cowboys from New England would gather around the big 12" TV and dream of western things and such.
My current guns & gear:
C&Bs, cartridge 6 guns, rifles, shotguns. Long range 38-55 and 45-70 rifles and all of it is shot with blackpowder.
Other information I would like to share:

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