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Ottawa Creek Bill
Location: * Mooresville * Indiana *
* United States of America *
Real life Occupation: Retired
Clubs: Great Lakes Freight Mining Company (NCOWS)
Scarlet Mask Vigilance Society
Thunder Valley Regulators (SASS)
Organizations: NMLRA,NCOWS,SASS
Member of the Ottawa/Chippewa Tribe of Michigan(Federal)
Vice Chairman, Indiana Inter tribal Council of Indiana(past).
Vice Chairman, American Indian Council of Indianapolis (past).

Recent News About Me:
Last year (2009) finished my new horse barn.

My Chosen Alias (The story behind and how I picked it):
Before you ask, yes I AM, Native American. I am a registered Odawa (Ottawa) Indian. I have been a technical adviser on several major films and television shows and videos, and also have done some stunt work.
Because of the work I do, I am continually researching and looking for new ways to improve my persona, gear and clothing to make sure it is historically accurate. I am now doing a Chiricahua Apache persona/impression(upper left photo).
The middle photo was taken during a film I worked on called "Prairie Tides" for PBS. Besides appearing in the film, I was the Native American Adviser and also did some stunts on this project.
The bottom picture was taken into the second week of filming on the set of "The Last of the Mohicans", I was just getting used to having my head shaved. Hot, dirty and long hours, but good pay.
My current guns & gear:
I make all my own Clothing, Moccasins, Leather Gear, Saddles and Tack, but only after exhaustive research. My main firearms at present are:
2 Richard/Mason Revolver Conversions in .44 Colt.
1860 Uberti Henry, 45LC.
1866 Uberti Yellow Boy Carbine, 44WCF.
1873 Uberti Winchester Long Range Deluxe Rifle, 44WCF.
Pedersoli 1874 45/90 Billy Dixon Sharps. 2 Original American Arms 12 gauge double barrel hammer shotguns.
1 Original 10 gauge Parker hammer shotgun and just too many originals to list.
Shooting is secondary to me, What fascinates me most is the Historical aspect of CAS, and in particular my Native Heritage of the 18th, and 19th Centuries.
Other information I would like to share:
I am a fluent speaker of my language, Aanishina'bemowiin. This is the language of the Ottawa,Chippewa(Ojibwa), and Pottawatomie. More Photos on my web page if you are interested.

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