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New season of Cowboys starts July 1st

The new season of Cowboys hosted by Tupelo Flash premieres on Outdoor Channel on July 1st, 2009. Season 7 will be dedicated entirely to Cowboy Action Shooting and in a new format. We will also launch a series within the show called The Guns of the Old West featuring Senior Curator Phil Schreier and Museum Director Jim Supica.

New airtimes for season 7 are:  Wednesday Nights at 4:00PM, 7:30PM and 12:00AM.

Here’s the lineup for the first 3 episodes of this season:


Jasmine Jessie aka Jessica Abbate on Cowboys July 1st

Episode 79 – July 1
Jasmine Jessie
Cowboys heads to Georgia to spend time with one of the greatest women shooters ever. Jasmine Jessie aka Jessica Abbate not only captured the Cowboy world, but as a member of Team Glock has won every award there is to win. Jasmine Jessie shares her secret. Also, the beginning of our new series on Guns of the Old West.

Episode 80 – July 8
Pickin’ with the Professor
This week, Cowboys heads west to the SASS California Regional to spend time with college professor turned Cowboy Valider turned World Champion Shooter Frederick Jackson Turner. Turner strums the guitar, shoots the pistols and in general proves that even a professor can live the cowboy way. Also this week, more Guns of the Old West.

Episode 81 – July 15
Bright Lights and Wax Bullets

Cowboys finds out that there is more than just bright lights and gambling in Las Vegas when we visit the Single Action Shooting Society Annual Convention. It’s all Cowboys all the time including a Wild West Shoot-off on the floor of the casino with wax bullets just before the no deposit bonus casinos giveaways each time. Also join us for more Great Guns of the Old West.

Stay stuned for more information about the new season. We will also have more Cowboy Action Radio and some great weekly giveaway here on CasCity.com and DownRange.tv .

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4 Comments for “New season of Cowboys starts July 1st”

  1. I watched Episode 79 that featured Jessica Abbate. She displayed a winsome personality to accompany her winning skills. I could envy the shooting range she has in her “back yard.” The ability to practice as much as she does must be wonderful. I have two related questions. She mentioned shooting upwards to 1000 rounds as she practiced each day… 1. How can she afford that amount of ammo? and 2. Where does she find that amount of ammo? If she was able to purchase 50 rounds for $10, it would still be $200 a day. (I don’t have a job that pays that well). That is if I could find 1000 rounds… I can’t even find 2 boxes of ammo to rub together around here. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge her the ability to be able to practice that much, I just don’t know how she does it…

    Your feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Tim,
    For most us “regular people”, it all comes down to reloading of ammo and what we can afford buying gun powder, primers and bullets.

    For top shooters like Jessie who is also a member of a sponsored shooting team, they get the ammo from their sponsors. In addition, they do reload their own.

  3. It was a great show and fun to watch a really talented (and beautiful) young shooter teach and demonstrate how much thought and practice goes into making a champion. After the show I tried for two hours trying to load a ’97 the way she does it.

    You should have run a disclaimer to the effect that it not only requires practice but also a touch of natural talent!

  4. Beautiful simply Beautiful ANY way you look at it!!!

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