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- BOSS (S&W)
- Historical Society
- RATS (Ruger)
- SSS (Spencers)

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 Welcome to our Groups    BOSS
Cas City has many groups and societies where our "citizens" can share common interests from special guns, history, cooking, clubs, organizations and regional interests. Here will find some of these groups
Brotherhood of Schofield Shootist is a society dedicated to the original and reproduction S&W Model #3...(more)
 Our Historical Society    RATS
Share your interest for the old west, authentic clothing, old west characters and other related topics... (more)
Join with your fellow Ruger shooters in celebration and discussion of the firearms built like a tank. RATS and DIRTY RATS (Black Powder Ruger Shooters), don't need no steenking badgers, er... badges! ... (more)
Spencer Shooting Society    USFA CSS
In Cas City you'll find the official home for those individuals who own and shoot either original or reproduction Spencer carbines, rifles, or shotguns. ... (more)
Here is also the home of USFA Collectors & Shooter's Society. Discuss and share with individuals who own and shoot firearms made by USFA. ...(more)
 More groups

You will find other groups on the Forum and here is a few more:

Buffalo Rifles of the Old West
This is a place to meet, ask question or share knowledge and experiences about long range shooting matches and about the rifles used in the "old days" to harvest buffalo hides.
Moderator: Joss House

Open discussion relating to National Congress of Old West Shootists, authenticity, rules, appropriate firearms, how to get a posse started and become a fellow NCOWS members. Topics and comments on this public board do not always reflect the views from the officials of NCOWS unless stated otherwise.
Moderators: Will Ketchum, Lone Gunman


BOLD Chambers
Chambers for the members of the Benevolent Order of Law Dawgs.
Moderators: California Lawdawg, Texas Lawdog

The Barracks
Forum for all the military reenactors and shooters from the American Civil War era all the way through the end of the Indian Wars era. Moderator: Gen Lew Wallace


Cosie's Corner & Feed Bag
Everybody has to eat, but some folks eat better than others, and some folks eat some unique foods. Gotta cook it to eat it, so here's a place to share recipes and have discussions on foods of the Old West.
Moderator: AnnieLee

BOLD Chambers
Chambers for the members of the Benevolent Order of Law Dawgs


The Society of Remington Revolver Shooters (SCORRS) is for anyone interested in all aspects of the history and shooting of Remington revolvers and their replicas. Join us here to share information about these fine revolvers. Discussion of other Remington firearms from the same period is welcome.
Moderator: Bull Schmitt


Shooters of The Opentop and Richard-Masons or STORM is for those interested in the classic style of cap-and-ball revolvers and their offspring. Of course, blackpowder guns are welcome, if they are of the main match type. If you are an enthusiast for these wonderfully balanced guns, enter and converse.
Moderators: Marshal Halloway, Rawhide Rio

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