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My name is Rhonda (Signer) McGown.  I have four wonderful children and two fabulous grandsons.  I graduated from West Elk High School in 1976.  I have been a stay at home mom and love to sew, read, quilt and spoil my grandsons.  I also do the bookwork for my husband's drilling business.  I must say being a grandmother is the greatest.  Spoil them rotten and send them home!

My folks grew up around Howard, Don & Sue (DeWitt) Signer.  I am the oldest of four and the bossiest.  My brother Danny owns and operates Signer's Garage.  Sister Carlene lives outside of Mound City--just a long quarter mile from me, and brother Tony lives in Fredonia and is part owner in Countryside Funeral Home.

I love to check the forum and see what excitement is happening in Elk County and the surrounding area. 

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Thought I'd add my 2 cents.. for whatever it's worth. 

I moved to Howard in March of 1977.... just in time for the last quarter of my 7th grade year.  We originally moved into the old Claypool house on south Penn... down near the swiming pool.  Only lived there for about a year before moving over next to Paul and Izola Moore on Perry, then into Lavina Rarick's house on Cedar, across from the courthouse.  Anyways...

I graduated from West Elk in 1982 (25 years ago).  Went to college at Emporia State.  After college, I joined the U.S. Coast Guard. I spent three years in Japan. Then, three years at the Coast Guard Institute in Oklahoma City, followed by one year as a Recruiter in Atlanta, Georgia.  After seven years, I left the Coast Guard and immediately went to work at Emory University in Atlanta.

I have now been at Emory University for the past 17 years.  I am Director of Faculty Development for the Theology School, at Emory. Most of the time I love my job.  I guess after 17 years here, I either love it, or I'm just used to it. 

I have a house about 25 miles south of Atlanta, in what used to be a small town named Stockbridge, in Henry County Georgia.  However, Henry County has been in the top five fastest growing counties in the United States for the past 10 years.  Not so small anymore.  Traffic is a nightmare.

My Mom, whom many of you may remember as the Administrator at Howard Twilight Manor is now retired.  She was an Registered Nurse Clinical Coordinator at Henry Medical Center from 1990 until she retired two years ago.

Some of you may remember my sister, Jennifer, who lived in Howard for awhile.  She now lives just outside ouf Houston, Texas.  Her older son is about to graduate from Le Tourneau University and is engaged to be married.  Her younger son is graduating from High School this month and will be going on to University of Texas at San Antonio to pursue his degree in Physical Therapy.

Also, some of you may remember my sister-in-law... Earlene.  She is the daughter of Eugene and Ellen Myers.  My brother John, and Earlene have been married for just almost 27 years now. They live just outside of Seattle, Washington and are currently expecting their third grand-daughter. 

So, that's pretty much what has happened in my last 25 years or so.  Thanks for reading. I enjoy reading all the news and info about Howard.  Thanks y'all


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 ::) well, okay, here goes:

I was born just northwest of Howard on the Clad Criger place.  My father worked for Clad at the time.  I don't remember this, but have been told we left there before I was three and lived in Eureka.  Came to Severy when I was 5 and moved "back to my roots" in Aug. of 2005.  I started first grade and graduated high school at Severy.  I was married just short of 37 yrs. when the big "C" took my husband, Lewis Smith, in Sept. of 1995.  Have worked most of my adult life, waitress, educational secretary at Severy, legal secretary at Eureka, bank cashier and teller at Severy State, drive-in mgr at Home Bank, own business of refinishing antique furniture, then after Lewis' death, went back to work, working at Severy Co-op till retirement Oct. 2005.  Have three daughters, seven grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  Pam, oldest daughter, lives just south of Neosho MO, middle daughter, Kelly, lives south of Howard, youngest daughter, Lynn, lives in Emporia. All three daughters and two grandsons graduated from West Elk.  My life is pretty boring right now cause still am not used to not having to get up and go to work everyday.  Spend a lot of time at my piano and organ.  I have a "very special" friend and we do some traveling and spend time together and have for 8 yrs. now.  He and his brother ranch northwest of Howard, (very near to where I was born) and He's the main reason I bought a house in Howard after I sold my place in Severy.  And that's about it.

 :P upon reading the wonderful "roll call" stories, I find there are things I left out of mine.  Most important, should anyone want to know, was my name.  Florene Smith (yes, most of you know me which may and may not be a good thing).  I will celebrate the 30th anniversary of my 37th birthday in July.  I like being 37 and see no reason to change.  My parents were Harold and Veda (Johnson) Edwards.  Both of them were raised at Piedmont.  If you check your family history, you will find that I am related to at least 1/3 of the people in Elk and Greenwood counties.  I was raised from age 5 on by my Grandma Edwards.  Just love reading stories and comments on here.  Glad I found this site.  Now it's time to get my pogo badges for this week. Does anyone else here play pogo? in case you do, my user name is KansKisr1940.
hagd all
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« Reply #23 on: May 09, 2007, 10:03:33 am »
My name is Roma Jean Turner and I live in Springfield, Mo.  My father's family, the Turner's, Eltings, Dunlap and DeWhitt's all moved to Elk Co between 1871 and 1885.   At times some of them lived in Howard, but later on all ended up in Moline. My greatgrandfather Edwin Elting was a pharmacist and  at times managed the Opera House in Moline.  They also had a Mercantile there at one time. My grandfather, John Turner owned the lumbar yard in Moline up until he died in 1960.  Some of the old timers in the community may remember his newspaper column entitled "Annie Knight".  After reading some of the political cvomments in his column, I understand why I am so blunt at times about what I think.  Ha, ha. Not much political correctness then.
     My father George Edwin Turner and my mother married during WWII two weeks after my father returned from England.  I spent the first three years of my life in Moline.  After my parents divorced my mother and I returned to her hometown of Chanute and I graduated from highschool there in 1962.  We made many trips back to Moline to visit, so I have always felt a deep kinship with Elk Co. 
     After highschool I graduated from college in Pittsburg, Ks with a degree in music.  In 1978 I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO and since then have had practices in Kansas City, Branson and now back in Springfield since 1991.
     I also have a little side business called Coffe Tea and Strumsticks.  I sell healthy coffee and a really fun 3 stringed instrument called the Strum Stick.  The rest of the time I play music and play at bridge, dominos and golf with my friends.  (I'm really bad at golf, but love to ride in the cart on a pretty day).  Love to run down to Branson and  go to shows with friends there. I can't leave out the geneology.  I can spend hours looking through microfilm of old newspapers. Love to look at old photos even if I don't know the people. Okay, I'm also a confessed computer geek electronic gadget junkie. 
     I have two great dogs.  Maya is half Lab and half Chesapeake Bay Retriever and weighs 85 lbs.  Bingo is a part dachshund, chihuahua, etc mix and weighs 9 1/2 lbs.  These two Mutt and Jeffs are a handful and loads of fun.  Almost forgot about how much I love to ride my bicycle.  Enough already.


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« Reply #24 on: May 09, 2007, 10:04:49 am »
Hey!  Isn't this great to see some new folks posting!  ;D  Keep up the good work----I've enjoyed reading your posts.  How about all you other "lurkers" out there?  :laugh: Care to come in "out of the rain" and join us?

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« Reply #25 on: May 09, 2007, 12:43:09 pm »
i have one thing to say i got my computer name ;D(bowie boy) 8), from my science teacher!
And also, i livre in howard
''If guns kill people, I can blame misspelled words on my pencil'' - Larry The Cable Guy

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« Reply #26 on: May 09, 2007, 05:06:06 pm »
Flo, I never knew you were born in Elk County!  Guess I always thought you were from Greenwood County.  I knew you Dad was from
piedmont---what year did he graduate?



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« Reply #27 on: May 09, 2007, 05:57:32 pm »
hi there mlw -  :) yep, born in Elk Co.  Dad graduated in 1938 - mother never graduated, but was 2 yrs. younger than Dad.  Also, I didn't know Paul and Barbara were in Greensburg.  Last time I visited with Barb they were in Grenola.  When did they move? So glad they are okay, but so terribly sad that so many people had to lose everything they owned.  Can be replaced, lives can't. Am I going to see you at alumni this year? Cora was by this last sat. for a short visit. She had been to ck. on Fred's stone that they had gotten set.

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« Reply #28 on: May 09, 2007, 07:29:49 pm »
Flo, Paul & Barbara moved to Greensburg after he retired--I would guess it was probably about 2 years ago.  Their son lived their too so they wanted to be close.  We saw Paul last year after their class luncheon & had a short visit.  I haven't talked to Cora in awhile.  No, I'll be in Howard--Frank's sister is a fifty-year grad.  I have a broken wrist so I have to depend on help from Frank since it is my right hand.  Maybe we'll see you in Howard.

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« Reply #29 on: May 10, 2007, 01:37:29 am »
To tell you about my life would take pages and pages..and most of you would want to take those pages to a soap opera company begging them to make an afternoon saga out of it..or take them with you to the outdoor 2 holer to use for "you know what"..  ;D
 But I will try to be serious here ( and that's kind of hard for me to do, you know)
So here goes~~

My name is Teresa (McDonald) **and a few other last names  ::)** Heilevang.
My husbands name is Kjell, ( pronounced Shell) who is from Norway ( yes the European country across the "big Atlantic pond"..) We met online on the computers. I didn't even know he was from Norway until we had talked a few times. We have been married for 3 years.
But since I have been here like.. forever....
I'm sure most of you know me as Teresa Cookson.

I was born on February 26, 1953 to Fred McDonald and Jo (Workman) McDonald. We lived at that time right out on the Busby road.. where the old golf course used to be.
My maternal grandparents were Carl and Thelma Workman.. and my paternal grandparents were Don and Cleora McDonald, from Elk Falls.
Daddy managed Union Gas Company so we moved to Yates Center, then Welch Oklahoma and then to Pittsburg Ks.
 We moved back to Howard the summer of my 4th grade, and I have been here ever since.
I graduated from Howard High /North Elk High School in 1971 and went to a 2 year RN Nursing school. Quit before I finished and got married to John Gray.( son of Jean Gray and the late Waldo Gray ).
5 years later I married my best friend all through childhood and the teen years..Mark Cookson. (son of Louise Cookson and the late Gene Cookson ) We were married for 23 years.
We have 2 children.
Danny Cookson is 34 and is my oldest son. ( Teri & Ashley)
Derek Cookson is 28 and is the youngest. (Rochelle & Mason)
They both have wonderful wives' that I am proud to call "daughters" and they have given me the best gifts in the whole world.......
Grandchildren.... :-*
Ashley is 5. (going on 20  ;) ) and Mason is 3 months.

I  have one sister.. Sherri (Mills) Wilder..and one niece..Tania (Mills) Muller.
One 16 yr old rather cranky old black cat named Sheeba and an 'easy going nothing bothers him' young stripped cat named Tiger.

I have to say that being a mother and grandma has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I love it.  And if I had my way, that is all I would do. :) *smiling*.
 God only knows it was.. has been.. and still is ....a daily challenge..But well worth it.

As if that hasn't been a full time job for most of my life, I also worked side by side with Mark in the hardware store for many many years. I still do all the monthy book keeping for him and Derek in the hardware business.
For the past 8 years I have stayed really busy giving therapeutic massages.  I have The Perfect Touch Massage business in my home.
I've been blessed with a gift from my hands, and I am proud of that.   I do deep tissue and reflexology, and also mix aromatherapy's making all kinds of smelly concoctions. I do crystal work and chakra balancings. I love helping and healing people.  And by helping others ... It has helped me to grow and learn so much about myself spiritually and emotionally.

Speaking of learning and getting back in the juggling and swing of schedules........................
The first 3 years of Ashley's life, I kept her every day, full time. At that time, Danny was working at Mid West Exteriors in Wichita & Teri worked and still is employed at Koch Industry in Wichita.

   Danny now is partners with Rob Cookson at Pack Pro and is in Howard , which is nice for him. I now keep and have Mason every day also, as Rochelle has gone back to work.  She is the Activities Director at Twilight Manor Nursing Home. Derek is a partner with Mark in the True Value Hardware store and also their new business D& M Gun Sales.

So, because I have been able to be here and work at the jobs I do...the parents have been lucky.. the babies have been lucky and I  have been so lucky to have my family close to me.
Nothing like the love of a Mee Maw to give them a good stable loving start. ( And it helps this old grandma's heart to stay healthy too) Of course..sometimes I  don't  know if it is going to make me old before my time or keep me young.. 
I know now why God gives us our children while we are young. It is a handful at my age...But I wouldn't trade any part of it.

Plus, with all of this... Kjell and I  have Halloway's Mercantile  ( which is an online gun and leather business) and his 12 yr old creation, CasCity, the 2nd largest website in the world for Cowboy Action Shooting.  And of course he built and we maintain and keep  the Howard Website working ..( with the help of all you who post  :-*)

We just added to our already busy lives a new business venture. Down Range TV.
 Michael Bane,the host and producer of Shooting Gallery and Cowboy's ( Outdoor Channel) is our business partner in this.
All of these things keep us burning the midnight oil doing marketing,  promotions, advertising, web work, and now there is going to be lots of traveling.. doing  a lot of filming and making video's for the gun industry.

My personal side......................
I love to cook real food and bake bread and pies and .......well.............. I love to cook everything!

 (Love to eat too)

When I have some spare time ( which isn't often) I like camping, fishing, hunting  & target shooting, photography, music & country dancing, playing cards, scrapbooking , reading, riding horses, bowling, movies, casino's.. ..
I really like to do a little bit of everything, I guess..
To relax, I really like to just go to little towns and poke around in the junk shops...and go to the Indian and Cowboy trade days and swap meets.
I collect Native American items and  I find more treasures buried under stuff.
Kjell knows that when we go inside, it will be awhile before we leave..( But I guess the same goes for the casino's..  but I don't "find" anything there.. I usually "lose" something though.. ) LOL

Guess that is enough to bore the pants off of you, so guess I'll stop.

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