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Moline and Sedan Railroad
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:49:21 pm »

In some accounts, the Moline & Sedan RR is listed as an extension of the Elk & Chautauqua RR that started south of Severy at the county line and terminated in Howard for a few years until being extended to Moline. The Elk & Chautauqua was a paper RR formed to build the track for the Santa Fe.

It seems to be widely known that Moline at one time had a turntable and round house. Howard also had a turntable and an engine house located in the vicinity of the cemetery until the line was extended to Moline and it was torn out. The turntable was used to turn engines for the return trip to Emporia.

Moline also had a large "Y" that could be used to turn entire trains around rather than just an engine.

The Moline & Sedan was never built.

Daily Commonwealth, Topeka, Kansas, July 26, 1887.

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