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Author Topic: More Amazing Uses for WD-40  (Read 1046 times)

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More Amazing Uses for WD-40
« on: February 24, 2014, 11:05:45 pm »
Amazing Uses for WD-47 Spray

I enjoy finding out unique uses for household items other than what they are, originally, made for. I found thousands of Amazing Uses for WD-40 Spray.

Official List of 2000+ Uses

There are 2,000+ uses for WD-40 Spray, but I’m only going to highlight some of them. You can find the rest of them at the WD-40 Company site.

A little bit of interesting history about WD-40′s beginnings.

Looking for a rust preventative solvent and degreaser to protect missile parts, WD-40 was created in 1953 at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company.  The project was to find a “water displacement” compound, and was successful with the fortieth formulation, therefore, birthed WD-40.

Ken East, one of the original founders, says there is no ingredient in WD-40 that can harm you. This product can make your life easier with all it’s uses. WD-40 has 5 functions, which are cleaning, protection, lubricates, penetrates, and displaces water.

Here is a list of 47 Amazing Uses for WD-40 Spray

Home and Garden

Keeps blades from rusting on garden plow

Keeps garden tools rust-free

Keeps clay and dirt from sticking to shovels

Rub on wooden handles of garden tools to preserve and prevent splinters

Lubricates hinges on refrigerator doors

Loosens screws on toilet seats

Loosens rusted screws on outdoor barbecues

Frees locking nuts on lawn mower blades

Lubricates luggage zippers

Cleans and protects blades of pruning shears

Removes marking pen from glass objects

Removes labels from medicine bottles

Removes crayon from walls and wallpaper

Removes crayon from carpet (be sure to test WD-40 on low visibility area of carpet before using)

Removes coffee stains from floor tiles (be sure to wipe floor clean after using WD-40)

Unsticks stacked drinking glasses

Take off stuck finger ring.

Kills roaches and repels insects. Spray on window sills, doors, screens, etc.

Can help dissolve stains and lime build-up in toilets. Spray and let sit, then use brush and clean.

Winter proof boots.

Deter wasps from building nests under your eaves of your house.

Soften leather like a baseball glove.

Some people say to rub it on arthritic joints for relief of pain. I’m not recommending this. Check with your doctor when having persistent pain.

Spray on ant bites or bee stings to take the itch or pain out.

Removes dried on glue. Spray and leave sit for a while then wipe off.

Removes tomato sauce stains from clothing. When first receive the tomato sauce splash, spray with WD-40 , wait a couple of minutes and wash and normal.

Kills thistle weeds in your yard. Spray them and they will wither and die.

Untangles necklace chains.

Sports and Recreation

Removes old wax from skis.

Protects boats from salt water corrosion. Spray on outside of boat.

Helps remove barnacles from boats. Spray on and let sit and use a putty knife to remove.

Spray on bait and lures to catch fish. It attracts fish and disguises human smell. Check with your local regulations for usage approval.

Untangles fishing line.

Protects horses hooves from ice build-up in the winter.

Removes gunk from hacksaw blades.

Removes rust from saws.

Removes glue from carpets.

Keeps bugs from car grill.

Easy removal of burrs from a horse’s mane.

Garage and Workshop

Removes oil from hands.

Removes tar from hands.

Protects hammers from corrosion.

Unsticks sparks plugs.

Clean oil spots from a driveway.

Removes paint rub from another car.

Revives spark plugs on a humid or rainy day. WD-40 displaces water and your car will start right up.

One story that I found interesting at: Let’s Laugh...
....was that a person woke up to find someone had spray painted red all over the sides of his new beige truck. A neighbor said to try cleaning it with WD-40 and it worked. WOW! Amazing stuff.

Even, with only 47 Amazing Uses for WD-40 Spray, it can make life easier.

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