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The Last Bell
« on: December 19, 2012, 01:37:48 am »

I dedicate this poem to the Children and Adults who were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.,14765.0.html

The Last Bell

(written and published in memory of those who lost their lives in the Bath school disaster)

By Mrs. W.H. Blount, Hillman, Mich.  Published 5/25/1939, paper unknown.

"Mother, there's the school bell ringing
 I believe our clock is slow."
 And the mother sighed and answered,
"Yes, it's time for you to go."
 Down the path across the foot-bridge,
 Where the yellow cowslips grew,
"Ah! The purple Johnny Jump-Ups,
 For my teacher, just a few."

 Mother watched her treasured darling,
 Till he passed the signboard "Slow",
 And the big bell in the belfry
 Still was swinging, to and fro.
 Heavy is her heart this morning,
 Like a pall, fear o'er her hung,
 And her tasks are still unfinished,
 And her song is yet unsung.

 Up the steps, soon all are seated.
 One, to teacher "posies" bring,
 When a little hand is lifted,
"Teacher, won't you let us sing?"
 And the teacher smiled and nodded,
"What will your selection be?"
"Oh! it's 'Jewels in the Knapsack'
 And it's on page fifty-three."

"When He Cometh", sang the children,
 And the teacher looking down
 On their happy upturned faces,
 Wreathed in locks of gold or brown,
 Or the one whose flaxen ringlets
'Gainst the "midnight" tresses shone,
 Thought, what jewels for a Saviour,
 They His loved ones and His own.

"Like the stars", the chorus swelling,
 Laughing faces, not one frown;
 They shall shine in saint-like beauty,
 Dazzling bright gems for His crown.
"He will gather" white robed angels,
 Bore them on their wings of love,
 To the Father, who was waiting
 In that Blessed Home Above.

 Forty children and their teachers,
 Knelt before the Saviour King.
 In His loving arms He clasped them,
 As the Last Bell ceased to ring
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