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The Coffee Shop / Re: Question?
« on: August 15, 2007, 01:38:40 pm »
any wildcards?

The Coffee Shop / Re: ROLL CALL TO ALL MEMBERS !!!!
« on: July 18, 2007, 03:10:44 pm »
Good afternoon to all!

My name is DeAnne Giesy.  I am the daughter of John L (Larry) Giesy of Moline and Joyce Goodnight Giesy of Howard.  My grandparents are/were Jack and Mary (Toots) Giesy, and Ed and Alice Goodnight.

I was born in Houston, Texas, but every year my parents would take my brother and me to Elk County to visit family, usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  I had lots of learning and life experiences in Elk County like

Education = How to play pool at Doug’s Place (with a mop handle)

Street Smarts = How to not get pool sharked by my cousins in Doug’s Place

Economics = Paul would always give the girls 5 quarters for a dollar at Doug’s Place

Country Smarts = Never chase a calf when the “babysitter” is watching

Common Sense = Always close the gate when you go to the cattle pond or a stampede will occur

Family Support = Make sure Dad is behind you to catch you when you fire a 12 gauge shotgun for the first time

Physics = Never try to take a boat down pawpaw creek

Weather = My first snow and ice storm

Animals = Saw and touched my first cow and horse, and saw my first male cardinal, my first doe, buck and fawn (not all together), rabbit and bobcat
The biggest thing that I learned in Elk County is that family is everything and will always be there.  I learned how strong a family can be when we all stick together no matter what happens. 

The Good Old Days / Re: Toot's Drive-In Grand Opening
« on: July 06, 2007, 10:22:12 am »
I just realized that our name is spelled wrong on the flyer (Giesey).  Now at some point in our family history it was spelled that way, and there are still some distant relatives that still use that spelling, but not us.

The Good Old Days / Re: Depression Days
« on: July 06, 2007, 10:07:34 am »
The one story that sticks out in my mind is one that my grandmother told me.  She got married during the depression, and actually hid the marriage for a while so that she could continue to work as a school teacher.  She said at the time if the husband had a job, the wife was not allowed to work.

The Good Old Days / Re: Teen Town Dance (1957)
« on: July 06, 2007, 09:07:42 am »
My mom told me that she attended the dance and the building is the National Bank Building.  The dance was held upstairs.  She had never heard it called the Willet Building either.

The Coffee Shop / Re: Toots Giesy
« on: July 05, 2007, 05:10:05 pm »
I am the grand daughter of Toots Giesy.  Jack Giesy (John L. Giesy,  aka Papa Jack) worked in the oil fields.  They did build Toot's Drive Inn. 

In 2005, I had the privilege of going there with my new husband and stepson.  The stepson got a real kick out of it.

Can't wait to get back there!

Greetings, Birthdays & Anniversaries / Re: Welcome, giester2
« on: July 03, 2007, 05:34:16 pm »
thank you, and yes there is/was a giester1.  Thank you for the warm welcome!

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