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Politics / Re: The Worm Turns . . . .
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:09:23 pm »
Jim Kunstler's Summary

"Hence, the desperate rage of the impeachment faction, in direct proportion to their secret shameful knowledge that the entire RussiaGate melodrama was, in fact, a seditious subterfuge between the Hillary Clinton campaign and a great many key figures in government up-to-and-including former president Barack Obama, who could not have failed to be clued-in on all the action. Even before the declassification order, the true narrative of events has been plainly understood: that the US Intel “community” trafficked in fictitious malarkey supplied by Mrs. Clinton to illegally “meddle” in the 2016 election."

Read the short summary at;

Politics / An Open Letter to Trump
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:08:16 am »
by Jim Cox and James Harris

[Wake-up! Comment. A daydream, I know, but why not make this an open letter to any Presidential wannabe? The article has internal links to more information about each suggestion.]

Dear President Trump:
Below are seven suggestions which will accelerate your popularity while infuriating your critics and putting them on the defensive at the same time:

1) Pardon all non-violent federal drug offenders. The First Step Act was hailed even by your opposition as “the most significant criminal justice reform law at the federal level in years.” Now you can build on that. Perhaps 70,000 or more prisoners are in this population. Set up an independent commission to identify these non-violent prisoners and pardon them at the rate of 700 per day with much ceremony and publicity. Their friends and families, along with other voters who find the huge prison population in this country disturbing, will have an increased enthusiasm and respect for you.
2) Fire Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. They do not support your much-stated foreign policy goal of avoiding foreign wars. Replace them with Republican intervention skeptics like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan—or cross the aisle and choose principled Democratic non-interventionists like Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel.

3) Propose not only another tax cut but serious spending cuts as well. A second round of tax cuts reducing the current top rate on corporations from 21% to 15% and the current individual top rate from 37% to 25% will further boost US output and attract more of the world to set up shop within our borders, thus boosting American economic greatness. Announce that your plan is to cut taxes again every two years. Senator Rand Paul proposed a $500 billion spending reduction in 2011. Ask Paul to head a commission to make a similar proposal.

4) Pay down the national debt. You could be the first president in nearly 100 years to leave office with the national debt smaller then when you entered. The debt could be paid down by selling federal assets, as President Clinton once proposed. Go bipartisan again and ask the former president to head a commission to pick federal assets to sell.

5) Announce to each country in the world that you will reduce US tariffs to zero if they will. You’ve stated you want zero tariffs, zero barriers, zero subsidies. Here’s the way to achieve that goal and go down in history as the greatest trade creator who ever served in office. Since trade reduces conflict between countries—trade and peace go hand in hand—you’ll also be one of the greatest peace makers ever.
6) Increase the child deduction. Polls show that Americans would like to have more children than they do. Increasing the child tax deduction to $5,200 (the inflation-adjusted level of 60 years ago) will empower many of them to do so.

7) End the federal war on marijuana. A whopping two-thirds of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, favor this. The time is ripe to steal a key issue away from your Democratic opponents, win millions of voters to your side, and go down in history as the president who ended this failed and hugely unpopular modern-day Prohibition.

"An entirely decentralized network of self-defense rights advocates have taken to the internet to provide plans for 3D-printed guns.  It looks like the 3D guns are unregulatable and unstoppable. They’re anonymously sharing the blueprints and advice while simultaneously building an unstoppable community."

Here is the link to the full article;

Politics / The Course Of Western Civilization . . .
« on: May 23, 2019, 09:39:40 am »
. . . according to Butler Shaeffer. Below are a few excerpts from a long post.

. . . It is not a coincidence that the collapse of Western Civilization is being accompanied by a rampant mindlessness and reptilian reaction to events so contrary to the means by which this culture was created. Civilizations are created by individuals; they are destroyed by collectives. Creative acts do not simply happen, but require energized minds capable of focusing on subject matters often over extended periods of time . . .

 . . . Whether Western Civilization can be considered extinct, in a terminal state, or simply on a downhill course, is subject to differing interpretations. Suffice it to say that our culture is beset by rigor mortis, including its organizational systems; its creative vibrancy is gone; it no longer produces the values necessary for its survival; nor does it continue to meet the expectations of those who have embraced its qualities or purposes in benefitting human beings . . .

. . . Civilizations are sustained only by maintaining respect for the inviolability of the individual and his or her interests, the conditions that were essential for the creation of cultures. They begin to collapse into divisive and undifferentiated collectives wherein autonomous individuality is transformed into group identities and purposes, with human energies and resources subject to centralized, coercive direction. Violence and other dehumanizing behavior give a false impression of liveliness and resiliency to the destabilizing forces of change . . .

 . . . As the brain and its creative mind are what most distinguishes the human species from other life forms, it is evident that there may be an incompatibility between individualized and collective purposes. Because thinking is unavoidably an individual, personally-controlled activity, the ends and actions of millions of human beings generate diverse patterns of human behavior . . .

. . . In contrast, collective systems are premised on obedience to uniformities of thought and action, prescribed and coercively enforced by vertically-structured authorities. Individually-directed organizations that generate horizontal networks in service to diverse interests, are inconsistent with the uniformities upon which collectives depend to maintain their monopolies over human behavior. Epistemological anarchy, in which individuals are free to think, speak, ask questions, and communicate with one another, disrupt the invariability necessary to maintain established interests and systems. In order to overcome this incompatibility, large, collective systems have created the political state, which has been invested with a legal monopoly on the use of violence to enforce their collective interests . . .

. . . It should surprise no thoughtful person to discover that, as Western Civilization goes through its terminal state, so many men and women are unable to respond with intelligent questioning. With minds so long anesthetized by opinion polls, bumper-sticker slogans, censorship, and other substitutes for rational, empirically analyzed, and spiritually grounded thinking, one would expect to see the true believers in the ideologies of state power return with proposals to solve every social problem – whether real or imagined. The more disordered the consequences of centralized power, the more insistent statists are for placing as much coercive authority in the hands of people like themselves, over the lives of others . . .

. . . With the 2020 presidential circus arising, the true believers in the ideologies of collective power once again loose upon a dupable public a gaggle of nearly two dozen men and women who share an ignorance of history as well as an economic illiteracy. Those whose intellects rise no higher than to mouth empty bromides or engage in name-calling, find a faux intellectual respectability in such socialistic sloganeering as “justice,” “fairness,” “equality,” and “free” goods and services of every stripe . . .

The complete article is found here;

Yikes . . . . my error. The family said 'this Saturday'. I added the date for 'clarity'. Thanks.

According to family, members of Mary's high school class have arranged a memorial service for her at the Baptist church in Longton on Saturday, May 27 at 11 AM.

Politics / Re: The Worm Turns . . . .
« on: May 22, 2019, 06:42:21 pm »
Trump to declassify portions of the FISA Warrant investigation by Comey in the next two weeks? Really? I've heard this story before. I am not holding my breath.

Politics / Assange And Manning . . .
« on: May 22, 2019, 07:33:45 am »
. . .  according to Paul Craig Roberts. A great rant, and some bitter truth.

"Everyone who is aware of the US government’s extraordinary criminal actions at home and abroad bears a heavy weight.  The millions of peoples murdered, maimed, orphaned, widowed, and displaced by gratuitous American military aggression comprise a Holocaust of deaths based entirely on lies and false accusations in order to advance secret American and Israeli agendas. I suspect that the heavy burden of responsibility for mass murder and destruction committed in our name is the reason most Americans prefer the fake news fed to them about how good and wonderful and exceptional we are and how hard our government works to protect us from the nasty folks elsewhere." 

Read the rest here;

Politics / "Nuanced and Multifaceted" . . . . . or Uninformed?
« on: May 21, 2019, 08:00:40 am »
"Americans' views on socialism are complex. While some recent data can easily lend to overstated conclusions, there are marked changes in Americans' views of socialism when taking a longer, more historical look at the data. However, exactly what Americans mean by the term is nuanced and multifaceted. While half of Americans consider socialism as bad for the country, nearly two-thirds say that the U.S. economy is more influenced by the government than the free market, or that it reflects an equal mix of the two."

See the Gallup Poll regarding Socialism;

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