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                                  :)        HAPPY 4th OF JULY        :)

         It is very hot here on my 4th of July , alot like desertlillydarla's place , very dry  no clouds in the sky to speak about. Just HOT.............  Well Teresa you are very smart because you are one of the one's that  I'm related to ............  Cousin..... I really don't know any of you, since I was very little when I first met ya'll..       I do remember Dad buy a bathing suit at the mercantile so I can go swimming at the down town POOL!!!!!   ;D   :D    ;)

                                                                      I have to go for now, have a great 4th of JULY!!!!

Well, thank ya'll for the great welcome , I have seen alot of Teresa's & Kjell hard work in the last week . How do ya'll manage all of what you both do. Lets start with some of you are related to me!

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