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Chile As A Mirror
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:30:22 am »
"The politics in Chile have been a ping pong match with the extremes battling back and forth between the very left and the very right. For the third time in 12 years, Chile’s two major political figures traded the positions of the presidency. . . ."

"The social agenda [of left wing Bachelet] was being indoctrinated by its universities by telling students that there were economic injustices and an inequality of wealth. They spread the profoundly false narrative by creating the myth that Chile is an extreme case of injustice and abuse. It began with progressive ideologues that spread the idea that there was nothing to feel proud about in Chile. This idea has been fostered and is the backdrop in Chile much as it has been spread in the United States and especially Europe. Bachelet’s second term was all about her social justice-driven agenda.

When [right wing]  Piñera came to power, he too accepted this basic premise of progressive economics and he began to raise taxes to address what he called one of Chile’s main problems: inequality. He then tried to re-establish order by buying off interest groups with benefits and handed out a substantial increase in government spending to support retirees. His higher personal income taxes and more generous health insurance schemes, along with a guaranteed minimum income for all Chilean workers, caused a once conservative government to bend its knee to socialistic agendas. . . ."

"Chile was believed to be Latin America’s freest, most stable and richest nation. However, it is now in free fall. Public order has collapsed, violence is rampant, and populism is the new creed of the political class."
Here is the full article;
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