Author Topic: Is Qanon Draining The Swamp?  (Read 41 times)

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Is Qanon Draining The Swamp?
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:59:22 am »
Social media has a lot of information about Qanon. Depending on the source, Qanon is either 1 person imbedded in the Pentagon, or 5 generals working with Trump, or up to 18 generals. They have a mission to return America to a Constitutional Republic, or so the believers say. Claims have been made that a few military leaders have come out of retirement to spearhead the mission, suggesting certain present military leaders are not to be trusted. They call their mission CBTS, or Calm Before The Storm.

The goal is to end globalism and control of the CIA/NSA that has been protecting the powers that be. The goal includes the end of the child-pornography-slave trade-sex-trafficking-ring that some refer to as PizzaGate. Apparently, financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been tied to the ring. Records show Bill Clinton has been on Epstein’’s private plane, dubbed ‘Lolita Express’, 26 times. Epstein has been a contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

All believers say Qanon is working with Trump to drain the swamp. Qanon has been posting cryptic messages since last October 29. All his posts can be found here;  Scroll down to see the first posts.

Trump has followed Qanon posts in several instances with is own tweet within several minutes, essentially repeating what Qanon just posted. Coincidence? Orchestrated? Working together?

The claim is the Qanon group has over 18,000 sealed affidavits for the arrests of globalists, pedophiles, bankers, and members of government at all levels, civilian and military. The posts say Hillary and Obama are going down, along with Huma and others close to them. Included are members of our Federal and State governments, our judicial system, and the CEOs and CFOs of many of the world’s largest institutions. Some followers say the changes are already taking place, and they refer to the large number or people who have resigned from positions of power and influence since Trump took office. Here’s a link to a list of recently resigned;

Any believers or deniers out there?

Do I believe? Hmm, I’m worried. I’ve read enough of Qanon’s posts and the rationale that I believe Qanon and Trump have a connection, that something is going on behind the scenes, that the revolving door of personnel in the Executive Branch is smoke and mirrors. And most of us get that Trump loves to keep people off balance. And I have no doubt the alt-Left and the main stream media have shown their hands in their fervor to denigrate Trump. And Trump is laughing privately as ‘they’ play into his hands. I hope Qanon’s mission is successful. I would love to see a bunch of bolsheviks and pedophiles tossed in cages.

But I’m worried because the military is apparently so deeply involved in the mission. I understand using the military is the only way to be successful when cleaning a corrupt government. But when the 18,000 affidavits have been served and Gitmo is packed to the rafters, what becomes of the military enforcers? Do we truly get a constitutional government back? Or do we end up with a military junta?

I worry because Qanon says to trust people in government I cannot trust. He says to trust Sessions. Is he kidding, or is Sessions a bunch of smoke and mirrors? Sessions would toss the Bill of Rights in a second, IMO. And I have a hard time trusting Trump. But he is a maverick, and I like mavericks.

So I say ‘serve those affidavits’, with my fingers crossed.

Here are three websites that monitor Qanon’s posts and offer opinions on their context and meaning.   (this one's for you, Jarhead)
Pax, Amor, Libertas

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