Who shoots Pyrodex RS in their cartridges...?

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Dakota Widowmaker:

I have played with RS, P, GOEX FFg and FFFg, 777, and Pyrodex Select.

I still don't understand the purpose behind GOEX CTG, COWBOY and FFg. (it all shoots the same for me)

I tend to like GOEX FFFg in my cap-n-ball pistols. Only cause I got a ton of it to shoot and it doesn't smell.

I have had REALLY GOOD success with Pyrodex Select in rifle cartridges. (38-55 specifically...)
VERY consistent volume in the cases and good compression qualities. SD on my loads is under 30fps. But, its $7/pound more.
(which is why I save it for the stuff for long range work)

I am going to try a pound of swiss here this summer...but, at $22/lb, I have a hard time justifying it.

So, I have pretty much settled on Pyrodex for cartridges, GOEX for muzzle loads, and 777 for Shotshell.

With that, I ask if anyone has done any extensive testing/work with Pyrodex P or RS in their pistol cartridges.
I am going to be shooting it in 44-40, 45lc and 38spl.

The 44-40 is my Henry. (have about 200rds of GOEX FFFg loaded rounds to go through still)
The 45lc is in my Uberti pistols and my Win94 trapper.
The 38spl is with snakebite bullets in my Rossi 92 as well as my Ruger Blackhawks.

I get P and RS for $11.50/pound, Select for $18.50/pound, 777 for $17.50/pound, and GOEX at $17/pound. (all locally here in MN)

I used Pyrodex R/S, Select and P in 44 C&Bs, 44-40, 45 Colt, 50-70 US Govt, and 12 gauge many years ago. I got more consistant groups with Select and P in 44 C&B, 44-40, 45 Colt and 50-70. Got much better performance in all regards with Pyrodex R/S than with any Goex powder.

Today I use 777 FFg in everything, in part because I can use cheap hard cast bullets that are readily available. At least where I have checked group sizes, only Swiss factory loads (Republic Metallic Cartridge) give smaller and more consistant groups.

Locally 777 FFg is 17,50 per pound, Select 15,50, P is 13,50, Goex and Swiss in the mid to upper 20s.


Dick Dastardly:
Howdy Lars,

I hear tell that Wal Mart has 777 on sale at some stores for a very low price.  Good luck.

Also, I was given a full bottle of Pyrodex RS and will shoot it in my scatterguns.  How was your luck with this stuff in scatrterguns compared to Holy Black?



The WalMart stores here don't even stock loose 777, just the pellets. In addition, the best prices for 777 locally are at Sportsman's Wearhouse, where 777 ffg is 17,50 dollars day in and day out, all year long. Makes it the cheapest BP to use. WalMart is poor second locally to Sportsman's Wearhouse and Big Five for shooting stuff.

I always found Pyrodex Select, R/S, and P to leave much less powder fouling in 12 gauge 1,0 oz loads with lubed fiber wads than Goex ffg. Got very nice even full and 1/2 choke patterns from my old doubles -- even  won a BP trap shoot now and then with the Pyrodex loads. Load was equal volume of BP and shot.


Only Pyrodex in cartridge I ever used was the 45 cal pellet in the brass (It is on Hogdon's Load Data chart).

Fast with consistent loads - prime case, drop pellet, add bullet and crimp.

It had quite a whallop though when fired. 


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