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Author Topic: The originals  (Read 1136 times)
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« on: December 15, 2017, 01:00:13 am »

Cheers all!
This being my first post i guess itīll be a tad more elaborate..for better for worse.

I wonder how many of you that first up own the original Remmies and in turn how many of you that use them?

Living in Sweden our rather f-d up gun laws state that we can own any firearm made before 1890 thatīs not made for cartridges sans a gun permit and that leaves that the original guns become hotcakes to us over here.
Not to get in a political debate at all but in the last 15yrs the gun laws as far as handguns has become totaly moronic around here. To the point where if you get to apply for a permit this is issued for 5yrs. Ie;you donīt really even own the gun you bought and paid for.

That said.
As the stockers thus becomes a reality to us to use i then wonder what the rest of you think as far as actually using them?
Me iīve got a half vivid past in IPSC amongst others and thus am no stranger to picking guns apart either. Gave it up a whole bunch of yrs back but recently decided to get started again and having a look around decided on CAS.


Looking for a "fix me upper" i picked that there up on Gunbroker. Sry to say it turns out that this particular gun needs more work than the seller advertised. In short one of the nipples seems to have its threads shot which iīll handle with an insert turned on my lathe but more importantly is turns out that the entry cone of the barrel is damaged and iīve given some thought how to handle that and have arrived on a what i feel viable solution.
As to what degree iīll handle the finish of the thing,no idea as of yet. Might just suffice for a good olī cleaning. Future will tell as i come full circle with making the thing work again.

Then i ran into this,again on Gunbroker,and it seems noone understood what it was so i got it for about a song. The members of have been real helpful in dating the thing and this indeed is a "parts gun" that someone dipped into the chrome tank.
Frame of it from aug 1864 and barrel of it from jan 1865.
Of course this oneīll see the full 9 yrds as far as making it be all it can be too. Thinking mainly of shooting ability here

As this CAS endavour of mine is real recent these two are the only Remmies iīve picked up so far. In short iīve bought the Remmies to use them,a lot.

What does the rest of you think as far as the difference between the stockers and the copies? Know all to well about the progressive rifling of the stockers and what not..
What is a GOOD CAS load for them and what is the MAXIMUM load for them? Iīve been told not to pass 30grains of triple F with a stocker?


Also picked this half decent Starr double action up. No,it will not be used for CAS.. Grin To slow for that,and firing anything DA is a no-no to me if i wanna know where them hot lead thingys coming out the muzzle go.
Still though. Cool gun and itīs gonna be a hoot firing it eventually.
Same deal there. Iīve been told that the Starr guns normally are a tad "oversize" as far as both chamber and barrel diameter? Of course iīll slug the thing to find out (itīll be here in a few days),but that said is there anyone else out there that actually USES a Starr revolver and have any tips or ideas to share?
Maximum loads and so on.


Right now trying to strike a deal on this. Yes,it is one of the 2ooo approx made Freeman revolvers. If all goes well thisīll end up in the gunsafe of mine too.
Being well aware that it is a rather scarse firearm i still wonder per above. If thereīs anyone of you guys that have actual practical experience firing one,and if thereīs any tales to share from that?
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« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 10:45:02 pm »

Greetings My Good Racing -

It looks like you scored big time!

The Star and the Freeman have the largest and likely the most robust cylinders. The Freeman was the pre-cursor to the Rogers and Spencer, which some feel was the penultimate C&B revolver of the era. If the Remington cylinders check out ok, I would be comfortable with 30gr of 777  and a RB or heavy conical in any of them. The Star is a real monster horse pistol.

You may find an unmarked Uberti replacement cylinder might just fit the original remingtons quite well. It is very difficult to prove whether a cylinder is new or old without metallurgical analysis.

A lot of folks in the EU and UK shoot originals, so I say go for it!

I will chase down some lins for yoou and post them later.

prof marvel

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