What gear would an 1860 Californio carry with him?

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For the life of me, I can neither find an internet store nor any source for the calzoneras, or Californio pants.

Does anyone know of a person who sells them?

Or a seamstress who would want to take on the job of transforming normal pants into calzoneras?


Dr. Bob:

Here ya go!  Hamilton Dry Goods.


Not museum quality, but PC.

Not expensive either! ::) :D ;D

Dr Bob


I never thought to search under Vaquero pants!

The tan ones match the jacket that is on order, and the blue strped ones would match the blue jacket I was thinking of ordering..

So I have listed the page as a favorite, and will be ordering next payday ....

There were these 'calzoneras' online that I might be purchasing.

The trouble is that every pair of calzoneras that I have seen in print and painting had buttons that, at least in theory, could be unbuttoned all the way up to the waist of the pants.

These 'calzoneras' or Vaquero pants only have buttons to the mid-thigh.

Is this a later period of these calzoneras, or would they be appropriate for the late 1840s or 1850s?


Funny how life changes ....

One of my favorite "Westerns" is 'The Wonderful Country" with Robert Mitchum.

He plays a man torn between his life north and south of the Mexican/US border.

Now that I know so much more of Californio clothing, I watched with new eyes to see how accurate the clothing was ...


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