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In another thread John Boy posted his very accurate .45-75 load using XMP 5744.  I'm not much on smokeless powder, but I remembered that I had bought some 5744 many years ago and stashed it away.  I dug it out and it is marked "Accurate 5744", there is no "XMP" prefix.  The container is dated 03/24/88.  Price tag says $8.69.

Is this is same as XMP 5744?  or did the formulation change?  I bought this when it first came on the market and everyone was raving about it for use in old time cartridges.  I bought 2 lbs of it thinking "if I ever get interested in using smokless, this might be good to try".  At some point I must have tried it becasue one can is open and partly used.  The other is still sealed.

Dirty Brass:
I looked all over for XMP 5744. I think that it was discontinued (?), and the new AA 5744 uses the same load data. I've shot plenty of 45/75's with AA 5744 and had no problems or issues with it, using data listed for XMP.

Honest Henry:
I started shooting my 45-60 with 5744 because a friend of mine had worked worked up a load and said it was "low pressure" similar to the pressure of BP.  I have switched to Goex Pinacle but would have no problem going back if needed.

Honest Henry

Hell-Er High Water:
1.  If you go to the Accurate Arms web site, www.accuratepowder.com, on their home page there is the following statement:  'Since 2003/4 all prefixes of Accurate Powder designations such as "XMR" or "XMP" no longer apply'.  There is additional info there also.  When Accurate Powders were sold to Western Powders, Inc. of Miles City, MT I would suspect that is when these changes took place.

2.  In the Accurate Arms 2000 Reloaders Guide there is a special chapter on XMP-5744 powder.  At the begining they state that, 'Back by popular demand!  Accurate has re-introduced MP5744 as newly manufactured XMP-5744 (X-truded Metallic Propellant).  They then go on to describe the powder and it characterics.

You may want to contact Western Powders and address any questions to them directly.  The Accurate Powders web site has all the necessary contact info.

I hope that this helps.


Good info, thanks HHW :)


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