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Author Topic: Ruger New Vaquero is sticking  (Read 46 times)
Will Lynchem
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« on: Yesterday at 07:22:29 pm »

Got a question for you who have one or more Ruger new vaqueros.  While shooting a Sass match two weeks ago, one of my new vaqueros jammed up in between shots. It acted like the loading gate was open and would only advance the cylinder half way and the hammer would only come back about halfway also. Right off the bat, everyone thought it was my ammo. (I reload my own and have done so for years). Everybody told me that I must have a problem with my primers not seating and are two high. But I checked them and ran them through my other new vaquero with no problem.  My Vaqueros are a matched set with consecutive serial numbers. Also while cleaning my guns after the last shoot, I noticed while dry firing that one pistol, it locked up twice out of maybe 25 or 30 times. I oiled it and it seemed to be fine but today while at the range checking some new loads on my chronograph,  it locked up again. Hummmmm... any ideas??? Thanks in advance. W. L.
 PS. Did I mention that while pointing the suspect gun down range, it freed up and discharged?  It put the round right dead center of the LED screen of my new chronograph!  Blew the 9 volt battery right out the back Shocked I truly think I need to get this fixed.  Undecided

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Sir Charles deMouton-Black
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« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 07:58:54 pm »

Have you checked the plunger in the base of the cylinder pin for free movement in & out. It has to press against the transfer bar to allow the revolver to fire.

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Stu Kettle
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« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 10:01:16 pm »

What Sir Charles said. Easy to check, if that is the problem, when it locks up look at the transfer bar, & see if it is catching on the firing pin.
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