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Uncle Stinky:

 ;D OK Gents. Is this a term from the movies (as in OPEN RANGE) or did it exsist in the language of the cowboy era West?

Will Ketchum:
I don't know what "therapeutic paper" is but they did have toilet paper.   ;D 1897 Sears & Roebuck.  Page 23.

Will Ketchum

Curley Cole:
The first producer of 'perforated' toilet paper was the British Perforated Paper Company in 1880. Falling under the term "Theraputic Papers," and originally coming in boxes of sheets, the acronym T.P. beccame widely known and "Toilet Paper" later became the proper and known term to describe what the papers were used for. Other forms of non-perforated toilet paper were available the same time and earlier, notably from the Scott brothers (Scott Paper Company) and Joseph Gayetty. Before this invention, wealthy people used wool, lace or hemp for their ablutions, while less wealthy people used their hand when defecating into rivers, or cleaned themselves with various materials such as rags, wood shavings, leaves, grass, hay, stone, sand, moss, water, snow, maize husks, fruit skins, or seashells, and cob of the corn depending upon the country and weather conditions or social customs. In Ancient Rome, a sponge on a stick was commonly used, and, after usage, placed back in a bucket of saltwater.

Fox Creek Kid:
Here's a little history for you(r) butth_ _ es!! Get the pun?!!  ;D :D ;)

Uncle Stinky:
Where else but on CASCITY History forum would you find those with such important information so necessary to us all. I commend those that have amased this wealth of knowledge and have favored us by sharing it. I'd be proud to share a four holer with all of you any day!



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