45/70 in a .410?

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Ol Gabe:

OK, just for the sake of discussion...
Over the weekend I had an interesting historical chat with a Pard about how some 45/70 TD's were 'converted' to .410 Shotguns and used by the camp or Fort Cosie & crew to gather small game for the pot, etc. So, with that in mind, he then tried to convince me that any 45/70 cartridge would be usable in any .410 Shotgun and vice versa.
After mulling it over for awhile and expostulating on all the possible problems, I now defer to those pros here that can set things straight, so here goes:
1. Can a .410 shell be shot in any 45/70 Rifle?
2. Can any 45/70 cartridge be shot in any .410 Shotgun?
Hoping to get some interesting and educational comments. For comparison, he was talking about using an H&R Handi-Rifle in 45/70 and a .410 Shotgun in the same make.
Best regards and good shooting!
'Ol Gabe

The conversions I know of, the forager gun were 20 gauge, I need to look at the chamber dimesions, but I think no as far as being safe.  I've heard this story from others before, none who have told it to me are the kind I would leave a building because the hollored fire, I would have to see the smoke and flames first. 

Hmm, a bit more coffee and I'll head to the reading room. ;)

St. George:
Some guys have very interesting ideas - this one qualifies...

The Army used a purpose-built 'Forager's Shotgun' in 20 gauge.

They were specifically built at Springfield Armory, using the Trapdoor action - and somewhere in the archives of 'The Historical Society Forum', The NCOWS Forum' or 'The Barracks' - there's a fairly long post.

It started out as something trying to justify the use of shotgun slides and shotgun belts - so you'll have to dig for it.

If you don't want to do the digging - pick up a copy of 'The Trapdoor Springfield' - by Waite and Ernst - Chapter 9 is devoted to it.


Scouts Out!

Well I done the digging, I think the cartridge drawings speak for themselves.


410, cut 1/2 inch off for the short one.  Mostly seen today in the more expensive skeet loads.

The 45-70 in the 410 would be real intersting since most of the "Toppers" in 410 are on the older, frame with less strength.  Not that I wwould, but I think putting a 45 Colt Cylinder on a Blackhawk in 41 mag and firing the 45 round in it would be safer, more strength and at least a gap to vent some of the gasses.  It would still be trying to shove a 45 caliber bullet down a 0.410 bore.

The 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch 410 in the 45-70might be ok in an emergency where you need food and found youself with that round and a 45-70 with no ammo, but I doubt many would find themselves in that situation.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I have HEARD of the opposite!  .410s in a .444 Marlin.  I wouldn't try what is suggested.  I can get into enough trouble without trying this hard.


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