Excam TA-38 Derringer


Tidewater Kid:

I bought one of these for cheap at a show this weekend. Blued with fake Ivory grips. Does anyone know much about them. Where were they made? I know the importer went out of business in 1990 and these were last imported in 1985. I also found that Numrich still show parts.

Anyone have any other information they would like to share?

Tidewater Kid

Travis Morgan:
    I just got one the other day, and it's been in my pocket or by my side ever since.

    Mine shoots okay(a buddy of mine got his first two shots from it to land about an inch or two apart at about 12 yards), since I stoned the hammer and trigger down to a reasonable pull.

    Someone ground the front sight off of mine, so I'm gonna make my own. If I had a welder, I'd just build one up, then shape it with a Dremel tool. As it is, I'm gonna cut a groove, solder a piece of metal in, then shape it. I'm also gonna hollow out a little bit of metal one the top of the receiver so I can actually see the rear sight.

    They appear to be a direct copy of the Remington .41 rimfire model, with very few differences, and pretty well made.

    How heavy is the hammer spring on yours? Mine's absolutely horrid. I think I'm gonna fiddle around with it, in hopes of making it reasonable easy to cock, but still kinda heavy. I'm probably just gonna start out with raw materials, and maybe see if I can improve on the hammer spring design.

    Mine tends to want to only fire the top barrel, unless I pull the hammer to the extreme rear, until I hear that last tiny "click".


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