The REAL Gun That Won the West!!

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O.T. Buchannan:
Actually, the models Custer supposedly carried were the RIC models.  Same basic guns, but a different variant of them.

Major Matt is right...Custer's cry of "We got em boys!" was a bit premature....:)


ML Roak:
I didn't know F.C.K. could READ!!!!!! (maybe there was lots of pictures) ;D
Looks like a good book, thanks,

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Custer's Bull Dogs probably ended up in Saskatchewan as did  his Adjutant, W.W. Cooke's revolver. Cook's revolver was recovered by the NWMPolice and returned to the family in Hamilton, Ontario.  A great nephew of Cooke, by the name of Blake Cooke sold it at auction in Red Deer, Alberta in the Spring of 1999.

I was at that auction and met Blake Cooke and handled the gun.  It is a .44 Cal Remington C&B.  Cooke's name is on the holster.  Also belonging to W.W. Cooke and auctioned at this sale was his farrier's knife which was recoverd along with the pistol.

The items were bought by Art Unger, a Custer collector from Hicksville, NY. for $60,000 CDN.

Although the US Army had been issued the new Colt, it is believed that the C&B was the gun that he carried during the civil war and at the time of LBH he was using it as a saddle bag gun.

Steel Horse Bailey:
That book is full of unmitigated garbage:  EVERYONE  knows that Roogar Vaqueros were the REAL guns that won the West!   ;)

[size=07pt]with sincere smiles toward Colt (tm), Winchester (tm) ... and Ruger (tm), too![/size]

Merry Christmas  pards!

Captain John Jarrett:

 I am thinking of buying a Webley Bulldog. Would this be legal as a main match revolver or as a pocket pistol? Picture is attached of the one I am looking to purchase.

Thanks much, John.


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