Brass front sight blade



I like the way I see the brass front sight on my colt opentops, so if I changed the silver front sight with an exact dimension copy in brass on my stainless Vaqueros, would this be SASS leagal.

Steel Horse Bailey:
I'm pretty sure it is SASS OKed.  It was certainly done "back in the day" ...

It was done on real Colts and other period guns, why not Vaqueros now?!  (SASS only, not NCOWS.  But probably OK there, too.)

Driftwood Johnson:

Being done 'back in the day' is no longer a good barometer for what is allowed and what is not. The new rules on sights are fairly complicated. However, replacing a simple blade front sight on a revolver with a new one of the same original shape, but made of a different material, such is brass, is legal, according to a very recent discussion over on the SASS WIre. What is not legal is adding an insert of a different material or color to the front sight of a pistol. While inserts are legal on rifle front sights, they are not allowed on pistol front sights.


All Firearms
• Sights must look like sights available during the cowboy era—
bead, blade, simple post or otherwise approved front sights
(such as the XS Cowboy Express) made of materials such as
steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper or silver
are allowable.
• Rear and front sights may be “blacked.” Colors other than
those of the materials referenced above or any “day glow”
materials are not allowed on either front or rear sights.
• All rear sights may have their openings adjusted.
• The front sight may be raised or lowered to bring point-of-aim
and point-of-impact into alignment.
• The back of the front sight may be serrated.

• Tang mounted rear sights may utilize changeable “peep” apertures
and eye cups.
• No bolt or receiver mounted sight is permitted.
• Dovetails may be milled in the barrel for sight replacement.
• Beech style front sights and sight hoods are allowed.
• Front sights may include a bead or insert of steel, iron, ivory,
faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver. The bead or
insert shall be the color of the material.
• Rear sights may utilize an insert of the same color as the rear
sight to allow easy sight adjustment.
• Ramp style front sights are allowed if original to the firearm.
• Modern style click adjustable barrel or receiver sights are not

• Traditional category revolvers may only use traditional style,
barrel mounted, fixed metallic foresights of a simple blade,
bead, or post configuration.
• A simple open notched rear sight cut into the frame, hammer,
or latch mechanism is the only rear sight allowed.
• Ramp style front sights are not allowed.
• Beaded post front sights or inserts are not allowed.
• Allowed Exceptions: Original opentop cartridge revolvers, cap
and ball revolvers, cartridge conversion revolvers, and their
modern made replicas may have either a dovetail front or rear
sight, and they must conform to the types commonly found on
the originals. Any other revolver by whatever manufacturer or
model that has either a dovetailed or screw adjustable front or
rear sight, whether movable or adjustable, is a Modern category

• Modern category revolvers may have dovetailed or adjustable
rear sights and/or dovetailed front sights.
• The rear of Modern revolver front sights may be reshaped
(such as rounded).
• Ramp style front sights are allowed if original to the firearm.
• Beaded post front sights or inserts are not allowed.
• Modern revolver REAR sights may be replaced with commonly
available sights of the same size and type. Modern replacement
targets sights such as the Bomar and Millett type sights
are not allowed.
• Modern revolver FRONT sights may not be undercut.

How about a coin sight, they were popular.

Steel Horse Bailey:
Shucks, I'll bet you could do it - in spite of the rules.  Yeah - yeah - yeah ... I know, Driftwood - an' yer right.  When did authenticity ever bother SASS?

NO - I'm not slammin' SASS - I'm a Lifer.  But there's gitten so many picky rules that it's gitten outta hand!  IMHO.  Dag nabbit; a coin was used "back in the day" LOTS of times and SHOULD BE  allowed.  Or probably overlooked.


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