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 on: Yesterday at 07:24:53 am 
Started by Lucky Irish Tom - Last post by Silver Creek Slim
I'll be praying.


 on: Yesterday at 07:22:03 am 
Started by bedbugbilly - Last post by bedbugbilly
Camano - Thanks very much!  That will do the trick!  As soon s my Uberti arrives so I have it in hand, it will allow me to lay out a pattern - my biggest concern was to get the symmetry of the bucket and flap close to original so it looked right.  On the half flaps that I made for '51 Navies, it was fairly easy as I had several Slim Jims that I had made and I could play with flap patterns until it looked right.  I just don't want to cut in to a nice piece of leather only to go "Oh Oh" once I get it done.   Shocked

Many thanks again - your help is greatly appreciated!  My best to you and yours!


 on: Yesterday at 07:21:01 am 
Started by Lucky Irish Tom - Last post by Arcey
Hey, y'all.

Have to pass along sad news. Tom's wife passed away Monday. As I understand the situation she suffered a massive stroke and the doctors couldn't save her.

I was in contact with him yesterday evening. Things were hectic at the moment so I'm not going to butt in prying for details.

The link is to the funeral home. She was Elizabeth Adams.

If the family and friends could be added to your prayers they'll help.

Hope everyone's been well.

 on: Yesterday at 05:54:31 am 
Started by Lucky Irish Tom - Last post by Four-Eyed Buck
I'll start the pots Wink

70 and cloudy here. Been busy with band practices, two so far this week. Have two concerts coming up this month. First is Saturday at our county fair.

Was really hot yesterday, Boss and I knocked off around 11 because of the heat. Keys to the kingdom today Roll Eyes

 on: Yesterday at 05:53:47 am 
Started by RattlesnakeJack - Last post by Niederlander
VERY cool, Jack!  So how's it shoot?

 on: Yesterday at 05:48:02 am 
Started by River City John - Last post by Major 2
A quick peruse of E Bay  using antique flashlights , found said labels.

also of interest was several German issue flashlights pre-WWII of a very similar pattern to the Bike light.

All of this , sparked memory long dormant, in my dusty minds archives
still  clear once recalled....

Mid -1950's we had a lantern of very close pattern , with a strap , I was told to was miners light and attach to or, around  their caps.
much as the old oil wick light had, I suppose.

 on: Yesterday at 01:44:01 am 
Started by River City John - Last post by Professor Marvel
Ah My Good Major2-
most excellent - the bicycle lamp is also correct to period, and it is much easier to duplicate!
prof marvel

 on: September 01, 2015, 11:31:50 pm 
Started by bedbugbilly - Last post by Camano Ridge
Jim, Jim Simmons aka Brazzos Jack aka Peco's Slim has a pattern posted on for a set of 1881 Pommel holsters. The same basic 1881 holster pattern but connected to hang over a pommel. Would not be hard to convert the pattern for belt holster.   If you contact Jim Simmons he may even have an actual pattern for 1881 belt holster. He is pretty good a bout sharing his patterns. I will see if I can find his email address.

 on: September 01, 2015, 11:13:49 pm 
Started by jasonfb123 - Last post by Coffinmaker
Nah.  This one is still gonna take a trip to the Smithy.  Lil late me thinks, at this point.  Of course, our continued speculation does give us something to do.


 on: September 01, 2015, 10:50:12 pm 
Started by Capt. John Fitzgerald - Last post by Capt. John Fitzgerald
Not many remember this, but several years ago USFA showed up at the Shot Show with a partially machined prototype for a "Forehand & Wadsworth" revolver.  This was back in the day when Doug Donnelly was buying up old, defunct firearm and ammo manufacturing names.
It was an odd duck!  Didn't look like a F&W, looked more like a combination of F&W, S&W and Merwin & Hulbert.  Strange looking! The gun, frame, cylinder and barrel, were in the white and obviously unfinished.  All I could think of at the time was the money and resources wasted on something that nobody would be interested in.   Butů Doug Donnelly owned the F&W name and I suppose that he felt that he had to do something with it.  Too bad!  Yet another reason why he lost so much money back in his SAA days.


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