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 on: April 30, 2016, 08:40:56 pm 
Started by murbas - Last post by Coffinmaker
DITTO!!  Pettifogger is spot on.

Elaborate.  OK.  I'm not being flip.  Do you have a week??


 on: April 30, 2016, 08:35:01 pm 
Started by The Pathfinder - Last post by Coffinmaker
The series I found stopped at "episode" 14.  Never showed the finished product.  Anybody see the finished gun??


 on: April 30, 2016, 07:34:29 pm 
Started by Joel6180 - Last post by Joel6180
Brand new Starline brass.  45 Colt, 44-40, 32-20

I bought 1,000 of each of these, and only need about 200 of each.  $25 per 100 cases, plus shipping.  200 fit in a USPS flat rate box, so right at $57 for 200 of any you choose.  I already have the ones I don't need boxed in 200 case lots, but if you want to get a mixed lot, I'll open them up and send what you want.  I have 800 available in 45 Colt, and 44-40, and 500 available in 32-20.  I prefer postal money order, but I'll take a personal check as well.  Thanks for looking, Joel

More Information

 on: April 30, 2016, 07:08:29 pm 
Started by Old Eyes Bill - Last post by Old Eyes Bill

Try "Sage Ammunition Works" in a Search here in SSS.
My best,

Thanks Blair

 on: April 30, 2016, 06:42:29 pm 
Started by Black River Smith - Last post by Black River Smith
The lube will be used for both BP and smokeless.  The main reason is I believe in shooting full BP and therefore equivalent smokeless velocities (sometimes ever so slightly higher).  Using original documented lead alloys.  Not trying to reach high velocities except in large cal rifles but that is still at ~1400.

The only combo that shows higher than 85 is 1:1 Bees / Dixie Mutton Tallow.  It has a range of 100 - 136 degrees F.

The only reason I have not just settled on this mix is because a lot of mixtures use some type of oil.  I like that idea but any oil causes  the low temps, IMO.  Any liq fluid at room temp will create a slightly higher low end of the range.

Emmerts lube 50/40/10 is 82 - 102 while 60/20/10/10 is only 85 - 104.

 on: April 30, 2016, 06:30:41 pm 
Started by bear tooth billy - Last post by Coal Creek Griff
I had been planning to sell everything I own and buy a 1/4 interest in that rifle,  but I was too slow.  Rats.

CC Griff

 on: April 30, 2016, 05:40:44 pm 
Started by Rowdy Fulcher - Last post by Rowdy Fulcher
No Turkey yet . The weather this weekend was WET . Mud was deep , even hung my Cherokee up . Only seen a couple birds but at a distance of about 300 yards .

 on: April 30, 2016, 04:56:02 pm 
Started by Old Eyes Bill - Last post by Blair

Try "Sage Ammunition Works" in a Search here in SSS.
My best,

 on: April 30, 2016, 04:06:43 pm 
Started by Major 2 - Last post by Russ T Chambers
Rained like a son-of-a-gun yesterday!  That kind of weather makes my sinuses drain, and I end up gagging.  Knocked me flat almost all of yesterday.  Recovering slowly to day.  Everything has already dried up outside.  Nothing for me for supper last hight or tonight.

 on: April 30, 2016, 04:06:43 pm 
Started by Old Eyes Bill - Last post by Old Eyes Bill
Recently I got this Spencer .50 cartridge said to have been a "battlefield pickup".  It's not known which battlefield but I think it's safe to say it was found on some indian war site.  Regardless, I am interested in the stamped; S.A.W..

I haven't seen the S.A.W. before, and am wondering who might have made it. 

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